The Prime Minister of Russia has stated that this country follows Iran as an example Import with digital currencies will put We have to wait to see the result Russia’s imitation of Iran what will it be?

November Teter

A meeting was held in Russia on the development of the domestic financial system, and Mikhail Mishustin called digital assets a good opportunity for Development of cross-border payments Announced.

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Russia’s imitation of Iran regarding cryptocurrencies

On Tuesday, during a meeting held in Russia, Mikhail Mishustin spoke about the development of the domestic financial system, and then spoke about digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are a safe way to make cross-border payments they are counted as.

Russia's imitation of Iran in the field of importing cryptocurrencies

Mikhail Mishustin considered digital assets as a great opportunity for immediate and secure payments and said that these assets are suitable for import and export. He continued that the technological infrastructure and cyber security of financial institutions are very important.

Mishustin’s statements shortly after the news of the approval of the use of Digital currencies It has been stated for importation by the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade of Iran.

Before this issue, the Russian state had conducted investigations on digital currencies to be used as international payments. The head of the financial policy department of the Ministry of Finance of Russia stated that the idea Use of digital currency in international exchanges It is discussed very seriously.

Interestingly, this idea is supported even by those who were pessimistic about cryptocurrencies and constantly criticized it. The biggest critic of cryptocurrencies was the Bank of Russia, which now supports the idea.

In June, Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Russian bank Rasha Bank, announced that if cryptocurrencies were to be used as international payments, Internal financial system of Russia do not enter

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