Recently, the Russian search engine Yandex, which was filtered in Iran in the past, has been unfiltered and from now on everyone can use this search engine.

Following the publication of a screenshot of the search results for the word Iran in Google and Yandex search engines by one of the country’s domestic news agencies, Azari Jahormi, the former Minister of Communications, also published this image on his Telegram channel and gave a brief explanation about it.

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The Russian Yandex search engine has been unfiltered

Azari Jahrami, the former Minister of Communications, first announced that the Russian search engine Yandex, which was previously filtered, has recently been removed and is available to the Iranian public.

In addition, regarding the differences between the two search engines Google and Yandex, as well as the difference in the search results of these two search engines, he has claimed that the difference in search results depends on the amount of use by users. As soon as the use of Yandex becomes widespread and is welcomed by Iranian users, these results will be equal.

Russian search engine Yandex replaced Google in Iran!

In fact, Yandex is a Russian company that owes its fame to its search engine with the same name. It should be mentioned that at first this engine was available only for Russian users with the address, but for some time now its global and English language version has been provided and it is available to users of other countries with the address

According to statistics, Yandex, with a share of 48.79% in Russia, is known as the largest search engine in this country and is superior and more popular than Google. Yandex has a feature that distinguishes it from other search engines. This feature is designed in such a way that a button is designed at the bottom of the search page. If the user is not satisfied with the performance of Yandex, by clicking on this option, the person will be directed directly to the search page for the same phrase in Google and Bing.

An important point that draws attention to the fixing of the Yandex filter is the short distance between the Google and Bing search engines in Iran being on safe mode, which recently The story of Twitch filtering and Instagram slownessfueled the rumors of the implementation of the lights off protection plan.

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