Despite the accusations related to Russia’s use of Iranian drones, it is now clear Russian drones in the Ukraine war They work with American technology!

The Telegraph newspaper announced in its latest issue that Russian drones in the Ukraine war They use advanced American technologies. This Telegraph report was published some time after Ukraine and Western authorities claimed that Iranian drones were used in the war in Ukraine. Secret intelligence reports indicate that the crude nature of the drones used against Kyiv is American.

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Are the Russian drones in the Ukraine war Iranian?

The spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force claimed in a conference on Friday that Ukraine has managed to shoot down 300 Iranian Kamiyaze drones. This claim caused the reaction of many cyberspace users. But some time later, with the publication of the reviews of a downed drone by Ukrainian experts in the country’s security service, it became clear that the targeted drones all use the same flight control and targeting system. DJI drones they used

This technology is for UAVs that are made by Texas Instruments, an American chip manufacturer, and in addition, the GPS system of these UAVs is part of the American Hemisphere company. After investigations, the experts announced that the fuel pump and valves related to these drones are also made in Poland.

Russian drones in the Ukraine war

Earlier, last month, we saw the news of the crash of a reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea, Ukrainian experts identified a similar number of parts of this drone. These drones are usually used for espionage. Also, this equipment has the ability to carry weapons weighing 100 kg and a flight range of 200 km.

On closer inspection, it was found that the hardware produced by Japan’s Sony, Panasonic, and Fujisto companies, as well as hardware belonging to lesser-known companies from America, Canada, and the Netherlands, are present in this drone. According to the records and information contained in the identification and investigation file of the mentioned drone, the existence of a unique chip in this drone, which belongs to the Ukrainian technology company Radiorele, was also confirmed. In the reports, it is said that most of the internal parts and components of this UAV were produced for use inside the country and the purpose of their construction was not for military use.

One of the reactions to this news was the words of Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State. He called the use of this equipment “terrible” and said:

“Canada and the United States will work with other allies and partners to deter and counter these weapons.”

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