The discussion of Russian cars on the way to the Iranian market these days has raised the question of why Russian cars are supposed to enter the Iranian market and which model will reach Iran?

Iran has reached agreements with Russia in various areas of the automotive industry. Exchange of parts is one of the clauses of these agreements. The two countries have also decided to co-produce cars; On the other hand, Russian cars are to be offered to our country’s market.

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Russian car on the way to the Iranian market

According to the meeting held between the officials of Iran and Russia, it was decided that the two countries will cooperate in the field of automobiles so that this cooperation will improve and develop the automotive industry of both countries.

Russian car on the way to the Iranian market

The consequences of this agreement for Iran include the exchange of parts between the two countries, the joint production of cars, as well as the supply of Russian cars in the country. Both countries were reportedly forced to reach such an agreement due to existing sanctions. Of course, in this agreement, Iran can show its power and ability in supplying parts production to neighboring countries.

In addition, the co-production of products between the two countries is one of the benefits of this agreement. Russia also wants to bring its cars to the Iranian market.

Largus model from LADA brand is probably one of the cars that will enter the Iranian market. The Lada brand, formerly a subsidiary of French Renault, is now manufactured by Otovaz. With the start of the war in Ukraine against Ukraine, the French company Renault stopped cooperating with this company and left Russia.

Of course, it is still worth mentioning that part of Renault technology is owned by AvtoVAZ. The L90 and Sandro car platforms are also available to Iranian engineers.

Given these cases, it can be expected that in the future these two cars will be marketed as a joint product of both countries. The cooperation of these two companies may also overshadow the superiority of Chinese automakers in the Iranian market. Of course, it should be noted that Otovaz company does not have a brilliant history in manufacturing quality cars, and in this regard, we must be careful.

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