Google Play is the largest source for buying and downloading applications in the Android world, and now the news has reached the removal of one third of Google Play applications due to security issues.

The Google Play Store is a secure environment that many users use to install apps, but in the meantime, due to security risks, Google has decided to remove 900 apps from the Google Play Store.

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Remove one third of Google Play apps

About a third of Google Play apps will reportedly be removed. Google and Apple are removing old apps and apps that have been updated for 2 years and have not been updated by their developers. The company will remove about 869 thousand applications and Apple will remove 650 thousand applications. Google is now ready to remove these apps, and users will not be able to download them unless developers update them.

Remove one third of Google Play apps

The two companies remove programs to protect their users. Older apps have security issues because they do not use API changes to newer versions of Android and iOS, but newer versions use newer development methods that provide more protection. In fact, the newer versions have no security issues.

With Google’s decision to keep users safe, 900,000 apps will now be removed from the Google Play Store. Some developers have sued Google because they believe the company is not acting fairly. The main reason for these developers’ complaints is Google’s removal of applications that have been updated for 2 years.

Google has now imposed restrictions on its Google Play store in Russia. One of these limitations is the inability to upload developer applications. On the support page of applications that have been updated for two years, there is a notification that the program has been updated.

Although the Play Store payment system for Russian users has been suspended since March, users can still download free Android apps from the Google Play Store in Russia. Also, all previously downloaded apps and games are available to users.

Remove one third of Google Play apps

If you try to subscribe to some apps, you will encounter a payment error. The content of this error states that developers must extend the period for users after the end of the current period. Developers can also use the Developer API to defer subscription renewals for up to a year.

If an application is providing essential services to users, it is recommended that developers temporarily withdraw the subscription and make it available to users for free.

According to Google, users will face more changes in the future, because the company is looking to change its approach and is in the direction of progress and evolution. All news and announcements will be provided by this company on the support page.

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