A few hours ago news about Removal of several Iranian applications from Google Play It’s been published. These apps include three native messengers and two transportation apps.

According to the surveys, two well-known transportation applications, viz Snap And trays And three native Iranian messengers have been removed from Google Play and are not available in the in-app search or simple search in the search engine in the Google Store. But The reason for removing Iranian applications from Google Play What is?

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Removal of several Iranian applications from Google Play

Investigations indicate that not only the applications themselves, but also the accounts belonging to their developer companies have been removed from the Google Play Store. As some developers have claimed, they have an email about Removing your apps due to sanctions and as a result, users cannot download or update these programs from Google Play.

But Which Iranian programs have been removed from Google Play? Here is the list of apps: Snap, Tapsi, Sorush, Yes and iGap. Of course, the removal of some of these programs started last evening on November 24, 1401, and some of them have faced this problem today.

As we said, the removal of these programs was done directly by Google Emails received from Google to business owners This is self-affirmation.

Removal of several Iranian applications from Google Play;  An eye for an eye!
Removing Iranian programs from Google Play

Investigations about why the account of the creators of the programs were deleted so far have only come to the conclusion that this issue can be Sanctions be related Of course, this issue should not be contradicted Cancellation of technology sanctions by the United States knew Because, as the US government claimed, the lifting of sanctions is just an attempt to Providing internet to Iranian users and it is directly supported by some foreign companies by Starlink, but the removal of Iranian applications can be due to the special relationships of their manufacturing companies, which makes them subject to sanctions and has nothing to do with the cancellation of sanctions.

In addition, some cases of sanctions removal are only related to users’ daily use of features in various foreign services such as Google Maps and have nothing to do with facilitating the work of Iranian companies. As a result, these two issues are different.

I have to say Google Play Along with some other Google services, they have been filtered for some time and no specific reason for their filtering has been announced yet. A subject that even Cafe Bazaar’s protest against Google Play filtering followed

It should be noted that Tekrato media, as always, regarding the application of such restrictions on Iranian companies, welcomes comments, explanations or Official statements Developers will be.

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