Recently, two products from Xiaomi received the MIIT certification of China. One of these products seems to be the Redmi K50S Pro smartphone.

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According to reports, two new Xiaomi devices, the Xiaomi Pad 6 and the Redmi K50S Pro, have received MIIT approval and certification. It seems that we will soon see the unveiling of these products from Xiaomi.

Details of the unveiling and release of the Xiaomi Redmi K50S Pro

The CMIIT platform has confirmed two Xiaomi devices with model numbers 22081212C (abbreviated model number L2) and 22081281AC (abbreviated model number L81AC), which is good news for technology lovers. The following table, shared by Xiaomiui about two months ago, shares information about these devices with users.

Details of the unveiling and launch of the Xiaomi Redmi K50S Pro smartphone!

As you can see in the table above, it seems that Xiaomi may launch the Redmi K50S, codenamed plato, model number 22071212AC, and the Redmi K50S Pro, codenamed mayfly, codenamed 22081212C in China. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility of offering these devices under another name. These devices are expected to be renamed Xiaomi 12T (Model Number: 22081212AG) and Xiaomi 12T Pro (Model Number: 22081212G) at launch.

In addition, another version of the Xiaomi 12T Pro Hypercharge (model number: 22081212UG) is expected to be available in the global market. This smart device probably supports 120 watts fast charge. Of course, the smartphone that will be released as Xiaomi 12T Pro in Japan has the model number 22081212R. At the moment, the official name of any of these phones has not been confirmed and it is not clear in which markets each of them will be available.

According to Xiaomiui, the Xiaomi 12T smartphone has the flagship Dimensity chipset; While the Xiaomi 12T Pro smartphone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 chip. The same may be true of the Redmi K50S and K50S Pro smartphones.

Given that previous T-brand smartphones, such as the Xiaomi Mi 10T series and the Xiaomi 11T series, were launched in September 2021 and 2020, respectively, it seems likely that the Xiaomi 12T product line will start by the end of this summer and even It will be unveiled soon. As for the Redmi K50S Pro smartphone, it will probably be unveiled soon; Because it has received CMIIT certification.

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