Recognize users’ age by Instagram From the face, it is being tested using artificial intelligence tools made by Yoti.

If you are an old Instagram user, you are aware that you do not need to register your date of birth and the age limit does not apply. Lately, Instagram has been more serious about recording birth dates. But it has not yet made much effort to prevent users under 13 from registering.

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Recently, the social network Instagram has introduced more features that can be used to confirm the age and separate young users from adults. Stay tuned for more details.

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Recognize the age of users by Instagram from the face

Instagram, with its new features, can estimate the age of users. Here’s how it works New Instagram features We will describe which relies on two main levers.

Recognize the age of users by Instagram from the face using artificial intelligence tools
New Instagram features

First feature: social guarantee

Despite this feature, Instagram asks three followers of users to confirm their age. These followers must be over 18 years old and have three days to respond to Instagram request.

Second feature: Send selfie video

A selfie video of the user is sent to a third party company Yoti and then the age of the people is estimated using machine learning methods. Yoti’s age-recognition technology is also used by the British government and German digital regulators, and uses various facial signals such as skin tone or wrinkles to estimate.

You can try this technology for free by visiting Yoti website. No user data is allegedly stored on this site. An analysis conducted in 2020 also shows that the Yoti system can guess the age of users with 98.89% accuracy.

Of course, this system is not an accurate system and it can be deceived by holding an image in front of the camera. Instagram also uses another artificial intelligence tool to estimate the age of its users.

This tool scans information such as users’ birthdays and the age of their groups of friends. So, for example, if a user claims to be 20 years old but posts on his or her 17th birthday, his or her account will be automatically tagged.

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