Advertising revenue on Instagram Despite the recent disruptions in the Internet, it has reached zero. The “Jaryan” platform has published a report of recent losses, which we will examine below.

Iran’s digital economy Among the blockings and outages of the Internet in the past month, it suffered extensive losses. The current is one of the platforms that is active in the field of advertising in social networks and has published a report in this regard. In addition, Nasr (Tehran Province Computer Trade Union Organization) also published a report on the recent damages. In the following, we will examine these reports.

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Losses of advertising turnover on Instagram according to “Jarian” report.

The size of the advertising market has decreased by 250 billion tomans according to “Jaryan”. This report says:

The size of this market was more than 4 thousand billion Tomans in 1401 and before the Internet and Instagram filtering, which has experienced a decrease of 250 billion Tomans after restrictions were imposed on this social network.

Losses of advertising turnover on Instagram according to the report (Current)

Filtering in Iran is applied directly on social networks such as: Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. More than a million small and large businesses were doing a large part of their advertising on these platforms.

With Interrupting the Internet And especially regarding access to Instagram, it can be said that there have been damages to businesses active on the platform of Instagram, which may lead to the destruction of these businesses if the conditions of these damages continue.

In addition to the Estimated damage of 1.5 million dollars to Iran’s economy by NetBlocks As a result of every hour of internet outage in Iran, Tehran Electronic Commerce Association is also from the location of 400,000 businesses He announced that one million people are on the verge of destruction and the livelihood is in danger.

Nasr Organization’s estimate of the volume of permanent damages of the Internet

According to the estimate provided by the computer trade union organization of Tehran province, about 47 percent of the member companies of the computer trade union system of Tehran had a more than 50 percent decrease in sales due to internet restrictions in the past weeks.

Nasr Organization's estimate of the volume of permanent damages of the Internet

Organization of computer trade union system of Tehran province in total damages caused to businesses due to internet outage 50 to 500 million tomans daily Announced.

The CEO of the National Post Company had previously announced that there were disruptions in the Internet It has reduced postal revenues by a third. Mahmoud Liai, CEO of National Post Company and Deputy Minister of Communications, said in this regard on October 16, 1401:

Due to the disruption of the Internet in the last two weeks and the filtering of foreign platforms, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, the income of the Post Company has decreased by one-third, and this shows that one-third of the postal items and transactions were done through the international Internet and foreign platforms.

Nasr Organization's estimate of the volume of permanent damages of the Internet

Based on another part of the flow estimate over 10 thousand Persian language pages on Instagram Activities that work in the field of advertising. In the last one month, when Instagram has been removed from the reach of users with Iranian IP, the financial turnover in this area, which is estimated to be more than 10 billion tomans per day, has reached zero.

In addition to the damage caused to the pages that display advertisements, the report (current) indicates that more than 30 thousand Iranian businesses use Instagram for their advertisements, and currently, with the filtering of this platform, it is one of the most important marketing platforms for Iranian businesses. is gone

last word

Iran’s digital economy, including startups in the field of technology, blockchain, fields active in advertising, have all suffered losses due to the disruptions created on the Internet. Now reaching zero advertising turnover on Instagram is the latest report that was published by “Jaryan” report about the permanent damages of the Internet.

In a broader sense, we can say that the entire Iranian technology ecosystem is under threat with the continuation of the Internet.

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