In a video that is circulating on the internet, Farari claims that Iranian drivers are raped in Iraq by Iraqis. But what is the story?

For some time now, a video has been circulating on the internet, in which a person has claimed that Iraqis have violated Iranian truck drivers. But the story seems a little exaggerated and complicated.

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Raping Iranian drivers in Iraq

Shahram Karmi, the public and revolutionary prosecutor of Kermanshah province, said about the rumor of rape of Iranian truck drivers in Iraq, that in a video that was published in cyberspace, a person with the aim of creating discord between two friendly and neighboring nations, Iran and Iraq, claimed that Iraqis raped drivers. It brings up the Iranian truck. He stated:

Based on the investigations, this claim was proved to be false and the issue was placed on the agenda of the judicial system of the province, and the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (A.S.) identified and arrested the person in question, and now he is under arrest and interrogation.

rape of Iranian drivers in Iraq;  What is the matter?

The prosecutor of Kermanshah stated that this person admitted that his claims were false and said:

Based on the evidence, this person is probably connected with the networks and media against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to this judicial official, the interrogation of this person is still ongoing and three other people have been arrested in this regard. Referring to the recent meeting between the officials of the judiciary and the Supreme Leader, the Kermanshah prosecutor said that in this meeting, the leadership demanded to take seriously the issue of spreading lies in cyber space and in this regard and considering the negative effects of this issue in the society. , called for strict action against the publishers of false content that cause anxiety in the public mind.

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