Raisi’s silence against the request to remove internet filtering It has been raised by one of the MPs. It seems that the president does not have a specific decision about this at the moment.

Gholamreza Nouri, Member of ParliamentFrom Raisi’s silence against the request to remove internet filtering talked. This member of parliament, people’s access to high speed Internet considered the right of all users. In continuation of Nouri, people’s lack of access to high-speed internet in the country Protection plan He compared them and considered them the cause of harm to the country.

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Raisi’s silence against the request to remove internet filtering

Last week, members of the Agricultural Commission Parliament With President and the Minister of Jihad Agriculture held a meeting that according to the narration of this Member of Parliamentin which criticisms towards Recent limitations of the Internet has been raised Gholamreza Nouri, a member of the Agriculture Commission, referring to this issue, said in a conversation with ILNA:

I brought up the issue of cyber space in that meeting and told the president about the restrictions that have come to the Internet in recent days and sometimes the cases that have been dealt with some activists in this field, startups, knowledge-based companies and many small and medium businesses. has encountered problems. In fact, these companies are our economic drivers in this area and are downsizing or shutting down their businesses altogether. Even some specialists of these companies are migrating and the country is suffering.

Raisi's silence against the request to remove internet filtering

Of course, according to Nouri, during these talks, another representative of the brave action of the government and President He thanked with the title that “you freed the youth of the country from the virtual space”; He from a boss He wanted to continue on the same path, but of course, the president did not make any comments about rejecting or confirming these words.

Raisi’s silence against the request to remove internet filtering It is a surprising action. Member Protection plan commission In response to the question of what is his perception of this silence and whether the restrictions are sustainable, he said: “I hope so businesses And understand the people and do not harm the country more in this area. I hope that the access and free flow of information will be strengthened Internal platforms should be provided, now sometimes the locals are complaining and have problems.”

Gholamreza Nouri stated that he is never a supporter of vulgarity in cyberspace and is interested in legalizing this area like in many countries.

The essence of their rules is interaction in the field of Internet and communication with the world, not confrontation. With these interactions, they can pursue their own goals and plans, people’s interests and their own security in the virtual space, and they can strengthen internal platforms with tariffs.

He emphasized that the basic right of people to access high speed Internetto be recognized: “This should be informed by that legislation and in its form to issues such as the security of users and security issues The country should also be paid and all these concerns should be provided. But if style and style like Protection plan And if it is only for the blockade and what we are facing now, the country will definitely suffer.”

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