It is supposed to be in the new solar year, Shahid Quotation of electricity consumption Be for high-consumption households. This plan is implemented automatically with smart meters.

The Ministry of Energy has announced that it will deal with those whose electricity consumption exceeds the high consumption limit and automatically Electricity It will cut off households.

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Smart meter design in the direction Power consumption control It is in the country that is supposed to be implemented in 1402. The consumption electricity rationing scheme provides the means of reducing electricity consumption from the side of household consumers.

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Quotation of electricity consumption

Implementation of the electricity meter smart plan in addition to limiting the amount Electricity consumption Home will also prevent unauthorized mining of cryptocurrencies. According to the managing director of Tawanir, about 4.5 million meters should be installed in the next year, of which about 1 million and 100 thousand subscribers will be included in this plan in 2012.

Quotation of electricity consumption
Quotation of electricity consumption

Iran, which is known as one of the most consuming countries in the world, is facing a deficit and shortage of electricity, so experts and activists of the electricity industry believe that since the 80s, investment in this industry has stopped and the amount of electricity demand has also increased. .

Plan Smartening the electricity meter which helps a lot to save electricity consumption, it was supposed to be implemented several years ago, but the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of this plan was not available. Parviz Ghiyasuddin, the secretary of the syndicate of electricity producing companies, said:

Iran currently produces about 67 thousand megawatts of electricity. As the cold season approaches and reducing electricity consumption along with management, this deficit can be compensated. About 25,000 megawatts of Iran’s electricity consumption is spent only in the cooling and summer season. However, when we approach the winter season, this volume is removed. Therefore, the capacity of the power plants is not only sufficient, but also makes it possible to export.

It should be said that even with the implementation of this plan, the lack of this energy will still be felt; Because if this proposed plan reaches the implementation stage, a small amount of electricity consumption will be saved, but the country is still struggling with the electricity crisis.

Quotation of electricity consumption
Electricity rationing

The Secretary of the Electricity Generating Companies Syndicate also added:

Iran exports electricity to all neighboring countries, but the main customers are Iraq and Pakistan. Iran’s exchanges with neighboring countries are carried out in such a framework that the time of peak consumption in those countries coincides with the period of low consumption in Iran and vice versa. In this case, it is possible to exchange electricity between countries.

Since Iran is currently facing an energy crisis, these exchanges have an economic justification if the consumption times of the two countries overlap. It is expected that we will have surplus production from October this year; Therefore, we will follow the process of exporting to neighboring countries.

20-year smart meter plan

The main purpose of the smart meter Controlling the amount of electricity consumed is, does not allow consumption exceeding the set limit and cuts off the consumed electricity. This proposed plan, which will be implemented next year, will help many industries and prevent untimely power outages.

Quotation of electricity consumption
Electricity consumption

Ghiyasuddin said in this regard:

With the untimely power cut, industrial production would be disrupted. The result was a sudden increase in the price of goods, which we saw in the increase in the price of steel and cement. Therefore, with the implementation of smart meters, not only the problem of household electricity, but also the challenge of industries will be solved.

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Ghiyathuddin, the secretary of the Syndicate of Manufacturing Companies, reminded about the non-implementation of this plan and the rationing of consumed electricity:

The reason for this project being neglected is the lack of necessary infrastructure. Our meter factories have very high standards. But since their demands from the government are high and their money has not been paid, they are not willing to cooperate.

Even assuming that the factories are willing to cooperate, this process requires the presence of distribution companies that have the ability to buy, but due to the problem of lack of liquidity and the economic crises of the electricity industry, it faces problems.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for the non-implementation of this plan is the non-cooperation of the authorities with the consumption electricity rationing plan.

Quotation of electricity consumption

If the plan Electricity rationing consumption has the ability to be implemented, the electricity consumption will not be saved and the electricity crisis will not be solved because it should be noted that the industries are in the category of high consumers. Payam Bagheri, the chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Electricity Industry Syndicate, said regarding the implementation of this project:

Compensating for this electricity production deficit required the construction of new power plants in accordance with the country’s development plans, which unfortunately, the experiences of the past years prove that despite the legislator’s emphasis on the construction of five thousand megawatts of power plants per year, in proportion to the growth rate of demand, on average in the years Recently, less than half of this amount has been achieved in the construction of new power plants, while the consumption growth has sometimes exceeded the forecasts.

The implementation of the smart meter plan will help a lot in widespread outages in the hot season of the year and will also prevent the instability of electricity distribution.

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