Qualcomm desktop processor based on ARM architecture will arrive in 2024. This processor is much more powerful than the models previously developed by Qualcomm.

Qualcomm desktop processor It will be released by this company in 2024. This processor based ARM architecture It is designed to be a very powerful processor in its class due to its 12 cores Desktop processors It is normal. Qualcomm’s desktop processor will be based on the Phoenix core.

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The unveiling of Qualcomm’s desktop processor in 2024

It’s been a while Qualcomm It makes chipsets for computers, although these processors are actually special chips Smart phones They are with a little change. But now a new report says that Qualcomm will unveil a powerful ARM-based desktop processor in 2024.

A source in the tech world with the username “Kuba Wojciechowski” on Twitter from the development Qualcomm desktop processor It has announced for 2024.

Qualcomm desktop processor

Possible specifications of the Qualcomm desktop processor

According to this source, Qualcomm’s desktop processor carries the codename “Hamoa” and uses 12 cores in a configuration of 8 + 4 cores. The larger cluster will contain 8 powerful cores and the other cluster will have 4 low-power cores. this Qualcomm chipset It also supports independent graphics; Therefore, computers equipped with it can have AMD or Nvidia graphics.

It looks like Qualcomm by design Phoenix core Related to Nuvia uses; A startup created by former Apple engineers and acquired by Qualcomm some time ago. Considering this issue, it seems logical to use their architecture in Qualcomm’s future chips.

Apparently Qualcomm desktop processor From cache similar to Apple’s M1 chip It uses and provides high power to users. So maybe finally with one Windows computer Face powerful ARM based.

Qualcomm desktop processor

If the recent rumor is true, ARM-based processors will play a more prominent role in the world of PCs in the coming years. In fact, in addition to Apple Macs, Windows products They also come with these chips.

Increasing popularity of ARM-based processors at a disadvantage Intel and AMD It ends, because the ARM architecture has lower energy consumption and increases charging efficiency. Nevertheless, Intel and AMD companies are working on the next generations of their processors and want to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible; Therefore, in the coming years, we will see heavy competition in the market Desktop processors we will be

In any case, the new report shows the very promising performance of Qualcomm in the field of personal computers, and therefore it is possible that in the next few years we will see the experience of running Windows properly on ARM based computers to be

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