The news of the purchase of Twitter advertising packages by SpaceX It is interesting that both companies are owned by Musk and he bought the most expensive Twitter advertising package.

According to the documents obtained by the CNBC news agency twitter observed, SpaceX intends to serve Starlink satellite internet promote in Spain and Australia. For this purpose, SpaceX, which is managed by the owner of Twitter, ie Elon Musk It is one of the biggest Twitter advertising packages has purchased

Purchase of Twitter advertising packages by SpaceX In this sense, it is strange and interesting, which is happening in a situation where apparently Twitter has been affected by many problems in terms of advertising revenues and many brands are not happy to buy ads on this platform.

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Reason for buying Twitter advertising packages by SpaceX

Advertising campaign now SpaceX a package of twitter Bought that the price is up to 250 thousand dollars It is estimated and according to a Twitter employee who requested not to be named, this package allows the client to place his brand on top of the main timeline of this social network for a full day.

This employee twitter He further announced that he has never had a record SpaceX buy such big advertising packages from this company. However, now as the CEO of Twitter, Musk needs advertising revenues and it seems that the flow of these revenues has taken a downward trend. So offering help from his other company, SpaceX, to promote the service Starlink It will be a good way to generate income for Twitter.

Purchase of Twitter advertising packages by SpaceX

However Buying even the most expensive advertising package of this social network It cannot be a sufficient and effective measure to compensate the lost advertising income of this company. As a result, it would be better if the world’s richest man sought to address the concerns of some advertising brands, rather than perhaps companies such as General Motors, Audi, Volkswagen, General Mills, Pfizer and United Airlines to work with him again. twitter to encourage

It should be noted that based on this ad package, users in Australia and Spain will see this ad three times when they open the Twitter application during the days of this campaign. This advertising package that last week from spacex Purchased, it is to be exhibited first in Australia and then in Spain.

The important point is that twitter Until recently 90 percent He has earned his income from this way of advertising and according to the current state of advertising Mask He had already announced that the announcement Bankruptcy It will not be far from the mind of this company.

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