For some profit-seeking people, social networks have become a platform for extortion Threat of defamation in cyber space has been For more information on the types of these threats and how to deal with them, stay with Tekrato.

Before this, the traditional threat of defamation may have had smaller dimensions. But these days, considering the wide dimensions that social networks have in people’s daily lives, the threat of defamation has also become a complex and widespread matter. Even the great politicians of the world are not spared from spreading their personal and private information in cyberspace. But what we will examine in this article is crime and Punishment for threatening to defame in cyber space Is.

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The meaning of threatening to defame in cyber space

Maybe it’s better to check first The crime of threatening to defame in cyber space Let’s examine the concept of threat to dishonor. Threat of defamation means an act or process during which another person intentionally abuses a subject that may target the person’s reputation and threatens him with defamation.

The meaning of threatening to defame in cyber space

In the legal sense, to recognize the crime itself Threat We should go to Article 669 of the Islamic Penal Code. In this legal article, it is mentioned: “Whenever someone threatens another person with murder or personal, honor, or financial loss, or with revealing a secret, about himself or his relatives, regardless of whether he demands money through this means. either the property or the request to perform the current order or leave or not.

Here we must note that crime Threat of defamation Is; Because the rules of defamation in cyberspace are different from threatening to do so. Another point is that the threat of defamation is very important for the legislator and he has considered punishment for it.

Regarding the threat of defamation and Spreading lies in cyber space We talked with Reza Rahbarpour, a lawyer. He explained about the publication of lies and defamation in the cyberspace (deed done): “There is a crime under the punishment of Islamic law under the title of publishing lies with the intention of harming another or disturbing the public mind.”

The meaning of threatening to defame in cyber space

“Actually, this crime is not just publishing lies. It is considered a crime to publish falsehoods with the intention of harming another or with the intention of disturbing the public mind; This means that lies are published that aim to confuse the general atmosphere of the society.

The anxiety of the public mind also has two forms. One that was traditionally done in the past through speeches and announcements; This type of crime was punishable by up to two years in prison.

Now, due to the development of computer technologies, there is a new crime called The crime of spreading lies in cyberspace with the intention of harming other than in cyber space. There is a separate legal article in this case of crime, based on which (Article 18 of computer crimes) and in other words Article 746 of the Islamic Penal Code, a punishment is also considered.

He added: “According to the mentioned legal article, any person who publishes lies in cyberspace can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to two years and a fine of two to four million tomans. Of course, the guilty person may be sentenced to both punishments.

The difference between publishing falsehoods between its traditional and modern forms

Reza Rahbarpour, a lawyer, said about the difference between publishing traditional lies and worrying the public’s mind in today’s cyber space: “The form of publishing traditional lies is a forgivable crime; To the puzzle that if the guilty person is pardoned by the private plaintiff, his crime will no longer be pursued.

But the crime of spreading lies in cyber space is not a forgivable crime, because it has a general aspect. In the end, giving the complainant’s consent makes the criminal’s crime reduced.”

What is the crime of threatening defamation in cyberspace?

In this regard, Rahbarpour said: “There is a time when the threat is made in the form of a life, and there is another time when the threat is aimed at a person’s reputation and the threatening person announces to the threatened person that private photos may be used to harm him. or publish his private chats”.

What is the crime of threatening defamation in cyberspace?

He added: “This is an independent crime, which is mentioned in the Islamic Penal Code as the crime of threat, and its punishment is in the form of punishment and imprisonment. “Now, if someone commits the publication of lies and threats to publish lies, he has committed several crimes.”

Rahbarpour explained: “Of course, someone who commits both of these crimes, the court will only punish one crime (which is more than the other crime).”

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