The management of the supervision of brokers of the stock exchange organization through a letter to the brokers association. Prohibition of stock market analysis announced and said that brokerage companies do not have the right to provide investment advice without a license.

Analyzing stocks and giving investment advice was one of the services provided by brokerages for clients, and clients invested in the stock market according to those analyses. But with the announcement of this letter Prohibition of stock market analysis It was established for brokerage companies.

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What does the ban on analysis of stock market mean?

with announcement Prohibition of stock market analysis Brokerages need to obtain a license to give investment advice to applicants and cannot interfere in the time and manner of transactions.

Investment advice means that a brokerage firm cannot The time of buying and selling and the amount of stock value to announce In addition to this, stock analysis, which itself is a statistic for buying and selling stocks on time, is also prohibited, and a license must be obtained to give advice.

In the mentioned letter, it is confirmed that none of the brokerage companies can conduct analysis or portfolio management through media or virtual networks, etc.

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