In the latest notification of the headquarters of the command for good and forbidding evil in Khorasan Razavi and in the discussion of Islamic dress, it is stated that profile picture without hijab is prohibited and an example of a crime!

Khorasan Razavi’s Headquarters for Prosperity and Prohibition of Evil has announced that it plans to examine issues related to hijab and other disciplinary issues related to men and women in various institutions during the plan to control chastity and hijab, which is on its agenda.

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One of the strange parts of this plan is related to checking people’s profile pictures in cyberspace and according to what is stated in the text of the notification, the employees of the executive bodies should not use unauthorized images without Islamic cover in cyberspace as profile pictures.

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Profile photo without hijab is prohibited

Mehdi Rezaei, secretary of the headquarters of the command of good and evil of Khorasan Razavi province, said in a conversation with the media that since 1385 and according to the 427th resolution of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, 32 institutions of the country have been required to observe certain things in the field of modesty and hijab. These things were not done properly until today. Mr. Rezaei emphasized that the Amr Be Marouf headquarters as a monitoring institution has started its serious work in Mashhad by establishing the 21st of July headquarters.

Profile photo without hijab is prohibited;  The headquarters of Amr Be Maruf also monitors the virtual space

In the programs provided by this camp, special programs are jointly defined for women and men, one of which is the prohibition of using profile pictures without hijab and unauthorized in cyberspace.

As announced, this plan applies to all institutions, including pharmacies, clinics, offices, organizations, banks, government counter offices, etc., and all employees are evaluated. Rezaei emphasized that until July 21, which is the day of chastity and hijab, this plan should lead to improvements in the status of chastity and hijab in various departments and institutions.

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