By relying on a special molecule made by bacteria, scientists have succeeded in producing rocket fuel from bacteria that is much more powerful.

By using a special molecule, scientists have succeeded in producing sustainable biofuel from bacteria, which has a very high power, and this is the reason why it can be used as rocket fuel. Compared to other petroleum products, including aviation fuel, this molecule has a higher energy density.

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Producing rocket fuel from bacteria

A group of experts led by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, inspired by a 100-millipore mushroom made by a bacterium called the mushroom complex, have succeeded in producing a completely new fuel that has a much higher energy density than many common and advanced fuels today. including NASA’s rocket fuels.

The special structure of these molecules has caused this fuel to have a very high potential energy. On the other hand, fuel molecules are placed next to each other in these structures so that their fuel energy is much higher.

The scientists then performed computer simulations to determine the properties of this new type of fuel, and the result was surprising. The energy density of this fuel is more than 50 megajoules per liter. For comparison, this amount is about 32 megajoules for gasoline and about 35 megajoules for jet and rocket fuels!

Production of rocket fuel from bacteria; a more powerful and at the same time healthier fuel!

This higher density can reduce the amount of fuel needed to launch a rocket. At the same time, fuel production with these bacteria also reduces the environmental and harmful effects of today’s fuels. Jay Kiesling, the leader of this project and CEO of the Department of Energy’s Joint Bioenergy Institute (JBEI) said:

“This biosynthetic pathway we take is a clean way to produce high-density fuels with high energy content. Previously, to produce rocket fuel from petroleum products, we had to take a very toxic way that had a lot of bio-pollution. Since this fuel is produced from bacteria fed on plant materials, it benefits from the same carbon dioxide content produced in the manufactured atmosphere. “Therefore, when using this type of microbial fuel, much less pollution enters the environment than previous fuels.”

It should be noted that currently it is not possible to use the new fuel in any rocket, we have to wait for this fuel and the rockets to be compatible with each other. On the other hand, it is clear that replacing this fuel can naturally play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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