Arnica Holding, in line with the Supreme Leader’s menus on the importance of the role of knowledge-based companies, defining knowledge-based indicators, as well as naming the new year “Production, Knowledge-Based, Employer”, has made supporting and accompanying these companies one of its priorities in 1401. .

According to Ernica Holding Public Relations, although the Supreme Leader’s speeches on knowledge-based companies in recent months have indicated his dominance of industries and businesses in the field, this year’s nomination “Production, Knowledge-Based, Employing” underscores the importance of this. The field is in economics and their view.

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Arnica Holding, as one of the largest technology and innovative companies in the country, has 4 knowledge-based companies in the fields of digital economy, electronics and IoT in its subsidiaries, and this has caused this holding to increase the support of knowledge-based companies and support knowledge-based To make it one of its priorities in 1401.

As one of the knowledge-based activists, Arnica Holding feels a serious responsibility in creating change in the context of emerging skills and updating technologies, and in this regard, in addition to registering, launching and supporting knowledge-based companies, He has put the spread of knowledge-based thinking on the agenda as planting a tree in the flat bed of our beloved homeland of Iran.

It is worth mentioning that this large economic complex seeks to identify, support and establish knowledge-based companies based on the country’s 20-year vision document, the news of which will be announced in the near future. End of news /


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