Lack of demand can lead to Stop production of iPhone 14 Plus Therefore, if the situation continues in this way, it seems that we should witness the failure of Apple in the production of mid-range phones.

According to a report from Reuters, Apple is planning to re-evaluate the demand for Buy iPhone 14 Plus will be to prevent further financial losses. According to this report, Apple for this purpose to at least one manufacturer of equipment needed for its iPhone in China, an urgent order Stop production of iPhone 14 Plus And its parts have been announced as a result of low sales.

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Stop production of iPhone 14 Plus

Based on this, the statements of two people related to Apple’s supply chain In a report, it has been announced that the company will reduce the production of iPhone 14 Plus within a few weeks after the launch, because the demand for this mid-range model has been lower than expected and there is no economic justification for continuing to produce this product.

Stop production of iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 Plus, as part of a new series of phones made by Apple, which was unveiled on September 7, is considered a cheaper alternative to the more expensive iPhone Pro models. Also, the official release of this phone has started on October 7 (October 15).

Now, a few months after the official release, according to the estimates made by the research company Canalis, it seems that Demand to buy iPhone 14 Plus be very little in the next six to nine months. Therefore, it is expected that this action of Apple will be done at a time when the global market of smartphones is not booming and its value has experienced a 9% decrease in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

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What do you think about the production stop of iPhone 14 Plus due to low sales? Do you consider the release of this mid-range phone a failure for Apple? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section Technology News With duplicate follow.

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