According to the report of BionTech founders (Corona vaccine manufacturer), it is possible Cancer vaccine production with corona vaccine technology (mRNA) will exist before 2030.

The founders of Bion Tech, because of the cooperation in the production and supply of one of the The most important corona vaccines in the worldbecame famous. The founders of this company have announced that the ability to provide Cancer vaccine until the end of the current decade.

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Cancer vaccine production with corona vaccine technology

“Ughur Shahin” and “Ozlem Turchi” are the founders of the German company Bion Tech. This company, in cooperation with Pfizer, mRNA vaccine has produced corona. In an interview with the BBC, this couple expressed their optimism Cancer vaccine production announced

Cancer vaccine production with corona vaccine technology

According to Professor Torci’s findings, it is possible to manipulate the mRNA vaccine to prepare the immune system to attack cancer cells and covid-19. According to Dr. Shahin’s promises about Time to offer cancer vaccines Based on mRNA, we can hope before 2030.

Corona mrna vaccine It transfers the genetic code to the harmless protein subsets of Covid-19 inside the body, and then to the cells that make the tentacle protein. As a result of this movement, the antigens prepare the antibodies of the immune system to attack the target.

According to Dr. Turchi, this function is also true for cancer vaccines to attack and destroy cancer cells. These vaccines have genetic rules for Cancer antigens or proteins on tumor cells.

Before the outbreak of Corona, Biontech was mostly working on cancer cells, but because of the Corona epidemic, it went to the vaccine for this disease. Currently, this German company has produced several cancer vaccines, all of which have passed additional tests.

Due to the success of this company in Corona mrna vaccine productionWe can hope for a cancer vaccine. However, there are many problems in this way. For example, cancer cells that form tumors are made of many proteins, and for this reason, it is very difficult to produce a vaccine that will do its job in the best way. Turchi says about this:

Biontech has reached the stage of accelerating the production of corona mrna vaccine and has gained valuable information about how the body’s immune system reacts to them. Also, the production and supply of vaccines based on mRNA will change the view of the health and treatment organization towards these types of vaccines.

According to these statements, the production of cancer vaccines has been accelerated, but the Biontech company also doubts the production of these vaccines. In general, according to the successes achieved in the field Corona mrna vaccine We can hope for this.

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