Production of cancer medicine from a kind of flower The newest way to deal with this deadly disease. The production of this drug can be an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Many doctors and specialists have tried different ways for many years cancer treatmenthave tested Research has shown that there is still a possibility of recurrence of this disease with methods such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Recently, scientists are looking for an alternative to invasive methods to treat this disease by producing cancer medicine from a special kind of flower.

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Production of cancer medicine from a kind of flower

Specialists recently A new drug to treat cancer have produced that is made from special flowers, the name of this drug Wayne Blastin is being tested on cancer samples.

We need tons of flowers to produce this medicine. Flower Madagascar, which has been used for many years to treat various diseases in traditional medicine, is used as the main ingredient of this medicine.

Production of cancer medicine from a kind of flower
Production of cancer medicine from a kind of flower

This plant, which has been known since the 1950s as The main source of chemotherapy drugs vinblastine and vincristine It is used to interfere with cell division and is useful for the treatment of bladder and breast cancers, lymphoma and lung.

Vincristine, which can fight the production of white blood cells in the blood, is used in the treatment of leukemia. Of course, this drug, which is one of the rare drugs in the list of essential drugs of the World Health Organization, requires a large amount of Madagascar plant it is needed.

Scientists say that it takes about 500 kilograms to produce each gram of vinblastine and two tons of plants to produce one gram of vincristine. Catharanthus roseus is needed.

To produce this rare drug, you can also turn to synthetic versions, but due to the complexities in this molecule, scientists have not succeeded in making other versions of this drug.

Production of cancer medicine from a kind of flower

Recently, researchers from the University of California Berkeley Laboratory and the Technical University of Denmark have turned to microbes in their new studies, which are actually the same ordinary baker’s yeast that has been slightly manipulated.

The team of researchers from these universities have made 56 genetic changes in the yeast genome. About 34 plant genes were added among the yeast genetic changes. For the production of two molecules, catharantin and vindoline, which are used as therapeutic drugs, they are the precursors for the production of the vinblastine drug. Baker’s yeast must go through 30 stages, and in the 31st stage, scientists combine the mentioned molecules with this yeast for drug manufacturing they combine

Research has not yet determined how much yeast is needed to produce this cancer drug. This study shows that pharmaceutical companies can produce cancer drugs by extracting natural resources.

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