Automotive products are priced in each of several automotive companies in Iran according to various factors. These factors can lead to many problems in the car market, the emergence of a black market and rising car prices are some of the consequences of these pricing. Daily price of Saipa products It has had almost the same stability over the past few months. In this article with Replicate Stay tuned for reviews Price list of Saipa products today, July 25, 1401 Let’s pay.

Over the years, it has been proven that Iran has not been able to meet the economic goals mentioned in the 20-year Iran document. Existence of sanctions and lack of proper planning and appropriate policies have reduced Iran’s economic ranking in the world market.

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The low quality of national cars has caused dissatisfaction among the general public, this decrease in the quality of cars has increased the price of cars to the point that it even affects the price list of Iran Khodro products today, July 25, 1401.

If we are to increase supply by producing cars, the price of car factories must go down to increase demand in society.

Daily price of Saipa products 4 Tir 1400 does not cause the minimum satisfaction of the society and is still accompanied by an increase in the price of cars.

Price list of Saipa products today, July 25, 1401

car Factory price Market price
Pride 111 204,000,000
Pride 131 183,000,000
Pride 132 177,000,000
Pride 151 Model 1400 150,564,000 185,000,000
Saipa 151 Plus Model 1400 188,000,000
تیبا 119,926,000 195,000,000
Tiba 2 126,164,000 204,000,000
Tiba 2 Plus 213,000,000
Saina EX gears 123,932,000 212,000,000
Quick gear 168,061,000 217,000,000
Quick gear R model 1400 177,234,000 221,000,000
Citroen C3 1,280,000,000
Changan CS35 635,000,000
Zamyad van 257,688,000 335,000,000
Kia Cerato 2000 1,190,000,000
آریو 500,000,000
Shahin G 344,580,000 382,000,000
Quick gear S model 1400 183,876,000 236,000,000
Quick Automatic Plus 277,086,000 322,000,000
Tiba Cashier Plus 195,000,000

Daily analysis of car prices

One of the most popular goods in the commodity exchange is the car. Since last month, when we witnessed the entry of cars into the stock market, the price of cars has increased more than before.

All nationally produced cars in each similar foreign country are more powerful, but due to the national interest and lower prices, people go to buy national cars.

If the price of a car is low, it is definitely of lower quality than other cars with higher quality. Due to the market and economic conditions in Iran, people are able to buy lower quality cars, which means that the demand for this type of national car production is higher.

Every government and country should strive to progress and become an economic power, which is also examined in every industry, including the automobile industry.

In the field of car import, according to Article 4, any natural or legal person can import a car from car parts or other goods and services to which he is affiliated for the export he makes.

When importing a car, when it is free, access and categorization for buying a car is implemented without any restrictions for all natural and legal persons, and these persons can easily import the desired cars by paying customs and tax duties.

It should be noted that with the beginning of the new year, car companies have sought to implement targeted policies in the field of car sales, one of which is the integrated car sales system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cars will cause the subsidy to be eliminated?

According to economic experts, having a car whose factory price is above 300 million Tomans is a criterion for removing subsidies from the account of the middle and lower decile of society.

What is the purpose of the cooperation between Iran Khodro, Khodro and Saipa?

The cooperation of two Iranian car companies with Emdad Khodro is aimed at providing transportation services to the cars of both companies throughout the country in order to reduce the traffic load due to technical defects of the car on busy routes.

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