Ebrahim Raisi; The President of Iran in a statement from Requirement to strengthen internal platforms He said against the insecurity created in cyber space by the enemy. Read it over and over again.

Since internet disruptions ended in filtering, the private sector and businesses suffered the most and many were destroyed. Now Ibrahim Raisi Creating insecurity in cyber space Make a solid reason for Support for internal platforms introduces Referring to the need to support digital businesses, the President said today that the enemy is creating insecurity by using cyberspace, and internal platforms must be strengthened.

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Insecurity is a reason to strengthen internal platforms

Ebrahim Raisi during the meeting of the government board today Supporting digital businesses emphasized and said:

“Now that the enemy is trying to create and spread insecurity in the country by using the platform of cyberspace, the relevant officials by strengthening internal platforms and facilitating the conditions of their use and even considering incentive packages, will provide better and more opportunities for business activists. provide digital work.

Strengthen internal platforms

Pointing to the necessity of maintaining security as a basis for the continuation of all community activities, he said: “Hearing and arranging to give effect to the legal demands is the duty of all of us, but we are all equally responsible in the field of protecting the security and peace of the community.”

According to the report published by National Center of Virtual Space In today’s session, in the field of digital economy, the presence of businesses on 10 domestic platforms has increased and more than 60% of businesses have started their activities on Iranian platforms. Of course, these explanations and figures were published while Secretary Nasr of Tehran announced on November 21 that companies’ sales will decrease by 50% due to filtering.

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