In September 1859, Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson The strongest solar magnetic storm observed in the history of mankind. The name of this event is Carrington phenomenon. Forecasting solar storms is very important these days.

If this happens today, all the electric grids of the whole planet will fail. So scientists thought of discovering a way to PForecasting solar storms they fell

If you think the Carrington phenomenon could have catastrophic consequences, know that many astronauts believe that every thousand yearsa solar storm that 12 times stronger It is the Carrington phenomenon that happens in the universe. this event, Miyake phenomenon It is called

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Predicting solar storms from cut tree rings

A research team from the University of Queensland idea The use of rings in cross-sections of trees has proposed to predict solar storms.

According to Dr. Benjamin Pope, one of the authors of this article and an astrophysicist:

“If such a phenomenon were to happen in today’s world, it would disable satellites, internet cables, high-voltage transmission cables, and converters. The impact this phenomenon has on global infrastructure is unimaginable.”

With each solar storm, Carbon-14 isotope concentration in the atmosphere rises This increase in concentration causes carbon-14 to pass through water, air and living organisms, both animal and plant. By passing through the trees, this element can have observable effects on the cross-sectional rings of the trees, and as a result these rings can serve as a history for this class of events and thus can be used to predict solar storms.

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