Pre-registration for Arbaeen 1401 has started on the morning of Friday, July 1, 1401, when conditions have been set for a trip to the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS).

According to the Hajj and Pilgrimage system, Arbaeen Hosseini 1401 registration applicants have until the end of July to register their details in the Samah system.

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Pre-registration Arbaeen 1401

Pre-registration for Arbaeen 1401 began;  Terms and conditions of registration
Registration conditions for Arbaeen 1401 walk

According to Sahbatullah Rahmani, deputy director of the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, you only need a national code to pre-register for Arbaeen 1401. The official also said about the pre-registration fee of Arbaeen Hosseini 1401 that except for the obligatory expenses for insurance, medical services and security, no other fees will be received from the pilgrims and no other organization is entitled to receive additional fees from the pilgrims.

The Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, which has been responsible for the pre-registration of the Arbaeen 1401 Walk by the Arbaeen headquarters, has stated that pre-registration is by no means a definite registration of the Arbaeen and does not create any obligation for the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization to send pilgrims.

The Minister of Interior, Ahmad Vahidi, whose Arbein headquarters is one of the institutions under his ministry, has stated that the motivation for pre-registration of Arbein 1401 is to be aware of the approximate number of Arbein applicants and to plan for it:

All those who wish to participate in this great journey and in this cultural activity, must announce from which direction and on what days they intend to travel.

Pre-registration conditions for Arbaeen Hosseini 1401 walk

Pre-registration for Arbaeen 1401 began;  Terms and conditions of registration
How to register for Arbaeen 1401 walk

According to the Arbaeen headquarters, injecting at least two doses of Corona vaccine is one of the most important conditions for Arbaeen travel. Of course, the type of vaccine has not been determined yet, but it seems that Iraq has not yet announced its decision on the type of vaccine.

The Ministry of Interior and the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization have also informed the pilgrims that if at least 6 months have passed since the last injection of Corona vaccine, the applicants for Arbaeen 1401 pre-registration should inject a reminder dose so that if the Ministry of Health inquires, a provable document in This should exist. As a result, if you do not meet the conditions announced, you will not be able to register for the Arbaeen 1401 walk.

The Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has also advised pilgrims who intend to travel in groups for the Arbaeen 1401 walk to register in the system in the pre-registration stage by introducing one person as the group leader.

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These people must register for the Arbaeen 1401 walk

Pre-registration for Arbaeen 1401 began;  Terms and conditions of registration
Arbaeen 1401 walk registration method

According to the decree of the Arbaeen headquarters, some people, including patients, have been banned from traveling to the holy shrines and participating in the Arbaeen 1401 walk. These people are:

  • Diabetic patients with ulcers or limb infections.
  • Diabetic patients with kidney problems.
  • Patients with advanced retinopathy.
  • Patients with cardiovascular complications and symptoms.
  • Patients with poor blood sugar control or fasting blood sugar 250 and above.
  • Cancer patients being treated.
  • Cancer patients who are in poor physical condition.
  • Patients with severe or uncontrolled asthma and COPD.
  • People who, according to their doctor, have an infectious disease (especially respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin diseases).
  • People who test positive for coronary artery test positive for the first 5 days if they do not have acute symptoms.
  • People with acute febrile illness should be re-examined at least 48 to 72 hours after fever-free fever, especially for respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin diseases.

On the other hand, the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization Elderly people over 60, people with underlying diseases, people with high blood pressure, people with diabetes, ‌ obese people with a body mass index greater than 40, people with weakened or defective immune systems, and people who use chronic salicylate compounds they do He also asked them to refuse to register Arbaeen Hosseini 1401.

Another important condition in registering for Arbaeen 1401 is having a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of dispatch for Arbaeen travel. Pre-registration of Arbaeen 1401 continues until July 31, 1401. The Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization also emphasized that:

If any restrictions are imposed by the Iraqi government on the pilgrimage to Arbaeen, the final registration of applicants will be determined and announced from among those who have pre-registered.

In the last two years, due to Corona restrictions, the Arbaeen registration process and walking have been more restricted, and the Iraqi government has closed the border for a while to control the disease, allowing only a small number of pilgrims to attend.

This year, however, based on the agreements between Iran and Iraq, it has been decided that the ceremony will be held in the same way as before Corona. Accordingly, at least 4 million pilgrims from all over Iran are expected to attend the event.

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