As technology advances and things become easier to do with smart devices such as mobile phones, our dependence on them also increases. Information and awareness of their type, model and price is not without grace. In the following text, the price list of Poco phones today, August 5, 1401, is placed in a collection. Stay with us.

Have you ever wondered how many hours you spend on your mobile phones every day? Cell phones take up a lot of our time. They have made it easy for us to access a lot of information. Through them, we are informed about the daily price of the phone, the current world news, economic and social news, and we can easily communicate with others. The price and type of Poco phones are collected in the following article.

Daily price of phones in the Iranian market

In the following Poco phone price list today, August 5, 1401 You can see that it is determined based on the average market price in different versions of RAM and memory.

Poco phone price list today, August 5, 1401

Before dealing with the price list of Poco phones today, August 5, 1401, it should be noted that if there is a shortage in the list below, or you want the price of a specific phone that is not on this list, or even in a certain price category, you need to know the Poco brand, you can discuss the matter in Share comments. In the following, you can see the price list of Poco phones today, August 5, 1401.

Poco phone price list
Poco X4 Pro 5G 7,300,000 to 9,000,000
Poco M4 Pro 5,400,000 to 6,730,000
Poco M4 Pro 5G 4,550,000 to 6,900,000
Poco C31 3,050,000 to 3,500,000
Poco X3 GT 7,650,000 to 10,000,000
Poco F3 GT
Poco F4 GT 15,399,000 to 16,600,000
Poco M3 Pro 5G 4,250,000 to 5,150,000
Poco X3 Pro 7,340,000 to 8,800,000
Poco F3 7,570,000 to 11,100,000
Poco C3 3,200,000
Poco M3 3,985,000 to 4,500,000
Poco X3 NFC 7,269,000
Poco X3 7,729,000

Introducing Poco phone series

Poco sells its phones in the XMC and F series, each of which has a specific target market. In the following, we will examine the difference between these series.

Series C: Poco designs its C series phones with low-end specifications and sells them at a cheap price. It can be said that in the Poco C series you can find the cheapest phones with acceptable specifications. Phones like Poco C3 and Poco C31 are equipped with low-end MediaTek chips, have basic camera settings, and their batteries are not equipped with a fast charging system.

M series: Poco M series phones have higher specifications than C series and are offered at an economical price. These phones are almost at par with Redmi brand phones. For example, the Poco M3 and Poco M3 Pro phones have better camera settings and performance than the C series. The M series phones also look better.

Series X: X series phones are equipped with mid-range specifications. The screen of these phones is bigger than the previous two series, they have faster chips, they have better camera settings and they are equipped with bigger batteries. These phones can meet all the expectations of their users and have good performance in playing games.

F series: Poco F series phones are in the category of phones with high-end and even flagship specifications, which are offered at a more reasonable price than other flagship phones. The Poco F series started with the release of the Poco F1 phone and came to the market to compete with the OnePlus 6 phone. Poco’s F series is now competing with Xiaomi’s flagship phones as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the price of phones inquired from?

The price range is based on different versions of RAM and memory, and phone price inquiries are made from online stores, including Torb, Imals, Iran Mobile, Digikala, etc.

Which is the best phone and which brand produces the best phone?

Choosing the best phone first of all depends on your needs. There is no doubt that in today’s market, iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Poco produce the best phones. These companies equip their phones with various and useful technologies and offer them in various price ranges. The best way to choose the best phone is to know your needs and then check the technical specifications of the phones that suit your needs.

What are the most important factors for choosing a phone?

To answer this question, you must consider your needs and usage patterns. For example, if you are not into photography or use camera features less, you don’t need to spend money to buy phones that are optimized for this feature. If you usually work with several applications at the same time or play a lot, you definitely need a phone with a more powerful chip and higher RAM. And if you need multimedia features and use your phone to watch video content, you need a phone with a better display and graphics processor. In general, high-end and flagship phones offer all these features; But some mid-range phones in Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Poco and some Chinese brands only focus on some of these features. In general, to choose the right phone, you should consider factors such as chip, RAM and memory, display, camera, and its build quality.

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