Australian scientists with composition Brain cells In a chamber, the neurons were taught how to play a video game. Stay tuned.

These experiments provided evidence that even brain cells in a chamber can display innate intelligence and rearrange their behavior over time.

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The inherent intelligence of brain cells in video game learning

Brett Kagan, Chief Scientific Officer of the Cortical Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia, says:

“From the neurons of worms to flies to humans, general intelligence is blocked by these neurons. So, the question is, can we somehow interact with neurons to harness this latent intelligence?

To begin, the researchers connected the neurons to a computer so that the neurons received feedback about whether the racket in their game hit the ball or not. They monitored the activity of neurons and their feedback using electrical probes that recorded “neural spikes” on a grid.

Brain cells

The more a neuron moves the racket and hits the ball, the stronger the neural firings. When the neurons were out of position, their playing style was determined by a software program developed by Lip cortex They were admired by you. This showed that neurons can adapt activity to a changing environment in a consequence-oriented manner in real time.

What do scientists say about the future of learning brain cells?

Kagan, who worked with 10 other institutions on the project, said:

“We chose pong because of its simplicity and familiarity. Also, it was one of the first games used in machine learning, and we wanted to figure out how.

He added:

“An unpredictable stimulus applied to cells reorganizes the system as a whole to play better and minimize random responses.

“It’s also conceivable that just playing and hitting the ball and getting predictable stimulation creates inherently more predictable environments.”

The theory behind this learning is rooted in the “free energy” principle. Simply put, the brain adapts by changing its worldview or setting up a mechanism to better adapt to the world around it.

It is worth noting that the computer game pong It wasn’t the only game the research team tested.

“You know what you can do when your Google Chrome browser is bugged and that damn dinosaur turns green in front of you? Yes, jump over the hurdle! (Bolan project). We’ve done this for our neurons and have gotten good initial results, but we still have more work to do.

The future of this work has potential in disease modeling, drug discovery, and expanding our current understanding of how the brain works and how intelligence is created.

This is the beginning of a new frontier in understanding intelligence. It’s not just about the fundamental aspects of being human, but also about how to be alive and intelligent, and understanding how we process information and our senses in a dynamic and changing world. – Kagan –

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