According to recent reports, the Pixel 8 Pro model number G10 seems to come with key features including an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner sensor.

Recently, reports suggest that Google is working on a new Pixel series smartphone, which has the model number G10. This model will apparently be a modified model of the Pixel 7 Pro. However, this device has similar features to Pixel 8 Pro which is going to be released next year. It can be said that this phone introduced with the model number G10 will be the same as the Pixel 8 Pro.

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Pixel 8 Pro smartphone features and specifications

According to the tweets shared by the developer of the Pixel G10 phone recently, we will find that the improved version of the Pixel 7 Pro hasQualcomm’s new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will be. From this, we can conclude that the Google Pixel 8 phone, which is going to be released next year, will probably have the same technology. This feature can also solve the slow problem of the optical fingerprint sensor of Pixel phones.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Currently, other brands like Samsung, Vivo and others have already moved towards ultrasonic sensor for biometric security. With this new sensor, the search engine technology giant will be able to Faster and smoother unlocking experience provide to its users. Also, this feature has other advantages, which is to unlock the device with high security compared to other modes, even when your finger is wet or oily.

Unfortunately, the complete information of this device has not yet been published. However, it seems that the Google Pixel 8 Pro phone from Tensor 3 next generation chipset which is made by Samsung company. It should be said that this chip will perform better than its previous versions, so that it will be able to support upgraded fast charging. Finally, we have to say that all this published information has not yet been officially confirmed and we have to wait until the official introduction of this phone.

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