Today in Picture of the day Tekrato; Eagle constellation We will watch the dark clouds of this nebula that are imprinted in the earth’s sky. Stay with us.

Dark clouds are seen next to the bright star Vulture, a member of the constellation Eagle, captured by a ground-based telescope.

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Picture of the day Tekrato; The Eagle constellation in a telescopic close-up

The dusty and dark clouds of the Milky Way, which stand out eerily against the faint light of the Milky Way’s stars, may contain the raw materials for the formation of hundreds of thousands of stars, fueling astronomers’ eagerness to find telltale signs of impending star birth more than makes

Picture of the day
Image Credit & Copyright: Frank Sackenheim, Josef Poepsel, Stefan Binnewies (Capella Observatory Team)

This telescopic close-up looks toward a region of the fragmented Dust Eagle cluster, LDN 673, that extends slightly wider in the field of view.

In this scene, visible signs of an energetic outflow include the young stars of a small red nebula known as RNO 109 at the top of the image, and toward the center of the image is the Herbig-Harrow object HH32.

These dark nebulae may look scary, but they are estimated to be about 600 light-years away. At such a distance, the field of view of the present image will be about 7 light years.

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Source: NASA

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