A member of the Tehran Data Transfer Commission said, referring to internet restrictions that have reduced the sales of providers People with internal messenger command They don’t move.

Tavasli, a member of the Tehran Data Transfer Commission and one of Critics of internet restrictions Is. He, who emphasizes the need for domestic messengers to compete with international competitors, believes that people cannot be forced to use domestic media by orders.

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Forcing people to use internal messengers

Ali Tusali, a member of the Internet and Data Transmission Commission of Tehran, said about the decrease in the sales of operators: “According to the information obtained last month, the operators have had a 35-40% drop in internet sales, which is due to the disruption in the country’s internet. The customer does not buy a service due to the disruption, and if he renews a service, he buys the lowest volume; Because he does not have access to his favorite messengers and spaces on the Internet. The decrease in the amount of Internet consumption in the country is also indicative of the same issue.

Internal messengers

All the financial reports published by the operators are indicative of the economic impact that internet restrictions have imposed on them and are a confirmation of Tavasli’s statements. Ali Tausli further added:

“Applications such as Balad and Tarmeyar, which are Iranian, have also been damaged during this period. The translator announced that there was a 70% drop in the last month. These days, you can’t even use software such as Balad and Nishan on the street. The use of these softwares has nothing to do with Instagram and WhatsApp filtering. Basically, there has been intermittent disruption in the Internet for the past month and a half. In some hours it is more or less normal. “This disruption has affected not only the IT field, but the entire business.”

He also to Significant decline in online sales He pointed out the activity of applications such as Snap Peak and said that many businesses have also had online sales in addition to the store, and now they have faced problems and a drop in sales due to the imposition of restrictions.

The member of the commission pointed to the recent statements of the government spokesperson that the internet is not cut off and only Instagram and WhatsApp are filtered and said: “It is clear that the issue is not only Instagram and Telegram, but the main issue is the disruption of the country’s internet and the communication networks that people use. They were using them, it has been filtered.”

In the continuation of the appeal to Government support for domestic messengers He paid and added: “Many of people’s relationships are based on these foreign applications. When people’s communication is disrupted, the entire business of the country is affected. Therefore, it is not correct to think that Instagram and WhatsApp filtering does not cause much problem. First, these two applications are the most popular social networks. Second, no alternative has been created that has the necessary attraction to move the audience to the internal messenger. In addition, it is not possible to solve the problem in a critical situation. “It has been 15 years for them to create the necessary attraction for these applications and to advertise, but this has not happened.”

He also mentioned the government’s new plan to provide more support to domestic messengers and stated:

“These kinds of native applications were created about ten years ago with the support of the government. As far as I remember, they were given a loan of about 5 billion tomans at that time. But now their number of users is not even ten percent of users who are present in networks like Telegram and Instagram. The problem is that internal messengers have to compete with applications like Telegram; Not other similar internal cases.”

According to him, internal messengers should have the ability to gain people’s trust so that people are encouraged to use them; This cannot be implemented by order and understanding and makes the process complicated and of course longer. He explained: “In a process of 15 to 20 years, the authorities created conditions where most users went to foreign social networks. Now enough time should be spent to build trust. “One hundred years’ journey cannot be covered overnight.”

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