These days, one of the most popular phones in the world for every Iranian is the iPhone 14 series, although Samane Hemta said in a statement: Don’t buy iPhone 14 Because they are generally fake!

iPhone 14, after its official introduction and release in some of the most important markets, has gradually arrived in our country, and despite its many attractions, it is very expensive! Reports indicate that iPhone 14 does not have more features than previous models. In this regard, EuroNews wrote: “iPhone 14, with 61 kg of carbon dioxide, is slightly less involved in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 64 kg of carbon dioxide by iPhone 13. However, trading in your old smartphone for the latest model is the worst thing you can do.” But in our country, the peer system has announced that you should not buy iPhone 14. What are the reasons for this warning? Read it over and over again.

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Don’t buy iPhone 14!

Apple announced that according to the company’s criteria, 79% of the phone’s life cycle carbon emissions are released in its production. As a result, to fight electrical pollution, one should refrain from consumerism and resist the desire to have the latest iPhone model. It is interesting to know that according to the published report, buying a new phone wastes as much energy as recharging and operating a smartphone for a decade.

Now, the statistics of smartphone sales in the European Union report the annual sales of 211 million phones. Most of these phones are finally replaced after 3 years of use with slogans such as having the latest technology or not an outdated phone.

Don't buy iPhone 14!

Earlier, Apple was fined by the Italian antitrust watchdog for about 10 million euros Creating electrical pollution was fined After a lot of research, this observer realized that Apple’s software updates have caused serious disruptions that lead to more energy consumption, and these disruptions encourage Apple customers to buy new models of Apple phones. Of course, Apple denied this claim, but nevertheless, this company has taken measures to resolve these disorders and environmental areas.

Apple also claimed that it uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in all the magnets of the iPhone 14 smartphone. But in 2019, Apple along with Google, Dell, Microsoft and Tesla were sued by families from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this lawsuit filed against these companies, children of plaintiff families were injured and killed while extracting cobalt.

Of course, these companies denied the cobalt mines by denying the use of child labor. After these events, Apple committed to setting the highest standards for responsible sources of materials used in its products. This commitment is also mentioned in Apple’s environmental beauty progress report. Also, this company said in 2020 that it plans to make its products carbon neutral in the next decade.

How to cancel your iPhone 14 order?

If you decide to cancel your iPhone 14 purchase right away, you can find instructions on how to do this in a few clicks on Apple’s support page. Also, you have up to 2 weeks to return the item after your order arrives. But if you still want to own an iPhone 14 and upgrade your old phone, Apple has an exchange service for you, where you can recycle your old phone for a new one.

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