According to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, it was possible to pay loans without a guarantor to retirees in order to facilitate the living conditions of these groups in the current economic conditions.

The news indicates that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and Bank Saderat have agreed to pay unsecured loans to retirees. According to the published news, a total of 3000 billion Tomans of Qarz al-Hasna loan and Murabaha loan are to be paid to the retirees of the state fund. It should be noted that this loan will be offered to the country’s retirees without a guarantor.

What do we know about the details of the loan payment to the pensioners without a guarantor?

According to a report published in ISNA, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, on the sidelines of a symposium of the managers of the headquarters and Bank Saderat, told reporters about the details of paying loans without a guarantor to retirees:

In the field of banking, we have thought of new policies and measures, and now one of the new policies of the government is to provide an opportunity to increase the access of ordinary people to micro-facilities through accreditation, and one of these lending facilities without the need to introduce a guarantor. And bail is in the banking network.

What do we know about the details of the loan payment to the pensioners without a guarantor?

Ehsan Khandouzi also emphasized in his speech:

We are currently witnessing good actions by the country’s banking network in this regard. Although this situation is by no means ideal, there will still be more oversight in these areas. We will do our best to promote better and faster access and wider public satisfaction.

The honorable Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, in response to a question about the violations of the managers of some branches, also clarified the orders issued to facilitate the access of the people to micro-loans without asking for a guarantor:

Friends and members of the board of directors of banks in the banking network have issued a statement in this regard, and during this period, there have been clashes in this regard. But if there is still a violation in this regard, you should know that it will be resolved soon. Because the officials and CEOs of the banks themselves demand and demand this seriousness to continue their supervisory activities without neglect.

He continued: “In a meeting held today with members of the board, board of directors and provincial managers of Bank Saderat, points were made about the bank’s plans for 1401, in line with the government’s priorities. “In addition, there was a good and constructive dialogue on the directions that must be followed in reforming economic measures, bank performance indicators and management plans.”

Ehsan Khandouzi added: “Since the major employees of Bank Saderat are retirees, the board of directors of this bank agreed to allocate 700 billion tomans to them to pay the Gharz al-Hasna loan, according to the needs of the country’s retirees, especially the state fund retirees.” It should be noted that this loan will be provided without receiving any guarantor.

At the end of his speech, the Minister of Economy said: In addition to the announced amounts, the amount of 2,300 billion Tomans of “Murabaha” loan of 6% was allocated to the retirees of the State Fund. This amount will also be from Bank Saderat, and the special conditions of not needing a guarantor also apply to this loan. The details and arrangements of this loan will be announced soon by the bank managers.

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