In a world where no information is safe from hackers, big tech companies are struggling to improve their security capabilities. Now Google decided to Password management in Chrome with biometric data It can be a big change in the security of users’ internet data.

According to a report from Chrome Unboxed, the popular Chrome browser will soon allow users to use biometric data for Manage passwords and will give autofill.

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Of course, this feature has existed in Safari on the Mac operating system for years, but Google Chrome has not yet offered such a feature, and if you have used this browser, you will realize that in some cases, to manage and autofill the password, the user must provide his identity information. enter

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Password management in Chrome with biometric data

Chrome’s new feature is now in the flag section and has been seen in the Chromium Gerritt repository, and there is a way to Replace user authentication It offers when setting and editing the password in the popular Google browser.

Despite this, and because the setting to activate this feature is seen in the Flag section and has not yet made its way to stable versions, it still does not seem like a replacement for the original method, but maybe in the future Google will release it publicly and make it available to everyone. to give

Password management in Chrome with biometric data;  Google's attractive security solution!

Chrome currently on Windows and Mac operating systems prompts the user to enter their computer’s password if they want to view their saved passwords or use autofill on websites. In Chromebooks, you have to enter your Google account password instead of entering the computer password.

This process may seem very complicated when the computer also supports biometric sensors and the user can confirm his qualification only with his fingerprint, and Google is also compatible with the same feature.

In addition, it is said that New Google settings It also works with face lock, and if your computer is not compatible with biometric security features, you can use a shortened 4-digit PIN by activating this flag in Google Chrome.

Password management in Chrome with biometric data;  Google's attractive security solution!

While this feature provides the possibility to work more smoothly with Chrome, it also improves its security and with biometric authentication enabled, access to all passwords is not possible. What is available in the current version and by entering the password of the computer for all passwords.

The new security feature of using biometric data for autofill and password management even includes sensitive information such as bank card information and can be very useful.

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