A member of parliament while referring to the recent political issues from the French government and the bad faith of the car manufacturers of this country Ban on importing cars from France has given to the Iranian market.

It seems that the challenges Car import Iran is still going strong and now finally ministry of silence In the last week, he was ready to publish the list of cars intended for import, it is reported from the parliament that in line with the behavior of French car manufacturers and the political issues that have arisen in recent days regarding the country of France, regarding the entry of cars made in this country into There have been protests in Iran and the representatives have asked the minister to remain silent Ban on importing cars from France have became.

It should be noted that due to the high volume of products Peugeot And Renault In the current situation, subsequently, the market of Iran is highly dependent on French car parts, and the occurrence of such events, which lead to disruptions in the supply of these spare parts, will aggravate the problems of the owners to repair and maintain their cars.

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Parliament’s serious determination to ban the import of cars from France

In this regard, recently Karaj representative in the Islamic Council During a conversation with Rozplus website, he made statements about Ban on importing cars from France has raised

These statements are important from the point of view that the name of one of the cheap models of the French car manufacturer, Citroenin the list of cars allowed for import by the spokesperson ministry of silence, published, can also be seen. However, considering the history of French car manufacturers and the exit of this country’s companies from the Iranian car market during the recent sanctions, there are many political and economic protests and resistances regarding the return of these car manufacturers to the unremarkable Iranian market.

Ban on importing cars from France
Mehdi Asgari, representative of Karaj in the Islamic Council

Mehdi Asgarirepresentative of Karaj, about Importing French cars to Iran He expressed:

“Following the negotiation with the Minister of Silence and the follow-up from this ministry, due to repeated bad promises and negative records, the import of cars from France will not be done.”

According to these talks and actions, it seems that despite the severity of the car industry sanctions and banking sanctions, as well as the protests related to the purchase of American, French, and possibly German and British products and cars, there is actually an initiative. It will not be in the hands of importers to choose cars from famous western brands, and probably the majority of the car imports into the country will be products Chinese car manufacturers And Russian will be limited.

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