Despite the approval of the car import regulations, it seems that Parliament’s opposition to the import of Korean cars To prevent the entry of Korean brand products into Iran.

The chairman of the Majlis Industries Commission said that considering that Korean car manufacturers have cooperated with the US sanctions policy against Iran, Korean car import It should not be a priority.

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Parliament’s opposition to the import of Korean cars

Mustafa Taheri, Chairman of the Industries Commission of the Islamic Council regarding the provisions Car import regulations He said that this regulation has many advantages. For example, if the car importers pay attention to the economy of the imported car and also bring its manufacturing technology to the country, it can be very suitable for the future of the car industry.

The head of the Industries Commission further said that in addition, if the importers bring foreign car manufacturing technology to the country, they will enjoy special government support such as payment of bank facilities and reduction of import customs duties. Also, by providing banking facilities to the buyers of these companies’ products, the process of selling importers’ products becomes easier.

Parliament's opposition to the import of Korean cars;  There is no end to the strange import conditions!

Taheri stated that there is no special consideration regarding the name of car manufacturers and said that, of course, since Korean car manufacturers have cooperated with the anti-Iranian policies of the US government, especially during the Trump era, they should not be mentioned. Korean car import be a priority

In another part of his speech, the Chairman of the Parliament’s Industries Commission mentioned receiving guarantees from foreign car manufacturers to prevent reneging on promises and said that in the field of imports, attention should be paid to strengthening imports and exports. Also, you should not only import cars from a specific company because it increases the level of vulnerability.

In the end, Taheri pointed out that one of the appropriate solutions in the field of imports is that, for example, the import of cars depends on the sale of oil, so that any country that wants to export its products to Iran must buy oil and oil products from Iran in return.

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