Get paid Landline subscription For telecommunications, a huge income of over 700 billion tomans had. Of course, the general manager of communications and international affairs of the telecommunications company has denied this news.

According to the news published in some media, receiving a fee Landline subscription To telecommiunication company, has generated 700 billion Tomans. The news of this astronomical income has gained strength based on the “instructions on how to adjust the monthly cost of voice call services for landline subscribers” which was announced by the market regulation headquarters to telecommunications in September.

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The cost of landline subscription has increased

In September of this year, the “Instructions on how to adjust the cost of fixed telephone subscription” was approved by Market Regulation Headquarters To telecommiunication company It was announced that according to that instruction, the amount of 20 thousand tomans will be paid to the monthly bill Landline subscribers In Tehran, 15 thousand Tomans are included in the monthly bill of subscribers of other provincial centers and 10 thousand Tomans for other cities. This amount is in exchange for free local, long-distance or mobile calls.

Mohammad Reza Bidkham, Director General of Communications and International Affairs Telecommunication Company of Iran About these details, this news said:

The news that was published indicates that the telecommunications company has a monthly income of 700 billion tomans due to the 20 thousand tomans included in the bills of the landline subscribers living in Tehran. This news is basically false.

He added: “It is stated in this news that the telecommunications company has 37 million active subscribers, while according to the latest statistics Regulatory Organization and Radio Communications The country’s telecommunications company has 29,364,000 fixed lines with active subscribers.

Landline subscription

Bidkham emphasized:

According to the instructions issued by the Telecommunication Market Regulation Headquarters, 20 thousand Tomans per month of voice call service has been set for 7,200,000 landline subscribers in Tehran, and this amount has nothing to do with the subscription. According to the decision of the market regulation headquarters, which was notified to the telecommunications company as an instruction on how to set the monthly cost of voice calls for landline subscribers, landline subscribers in Tehran will receive 4,444 minutes of free city calls or 592 minutes of calls between cities for paying 20 thousand tomans province or 312 minutes of conversation.

He said about the situation of other provinces of the country: “For other centers of the provinces, this amount is 15 thousand tomans, and for its payment, 3 thousand 333 minutes Free city calls or 444 minutes Interprovincial conversation Or they receive 238 minutes of conversation. For other cities, this amount is 10,000 Tomans, and by paying it, the subscriber will receive 2,666 minutes of free city calls or 355 minutes of inter-provincial calls or 190 minutes of calls. “There is no amount for the villages.”

Landline subscription

The order of the competition council to the telecommunications company

public relations National Competition Center Announced:

In the 599th meeting of this council, based on paragraph 5 of article 58 of the law on the implementation of general policies, article 44 of the constitution and according to article 3 of the resolution of the 466th meeting of the competition council on the topic “Instructions on how to set the monthly cost of landline telephones”, the Iranian telecommunications company is obliged to The establishment of the cost accounting system, to modify its system in such a way that the cost of each of the completed services of this company is calculated separately and accurately and is included in the audited financial statements of this company; But Iran Telecommunication Company has not implemented this resolution. Therefore, until the accurate presentation of the monthly cost of landline services, contained in the audited financial statements of Iran Telecommunication Company, any change in the cost of landline services and the collection of additional funds are contrary to the resolution of the Competition Council and must be stopped immediately.

I have to say; According to the new tariff system, each line Phone He pays a minimum amount every month, and the operation of the phone over the set amount will be subject to an additional fee.

In this reformed model, the calculation of landline operation in the country is divided into three parts, which landline subscribers in Tehran will pay at least 20 thousand tomans per month for each telephone line with a certain amount of calls.

Other centers of the province will pay 15 thousand tomans and other cities will pay at least 10 thousand tomans monthly and from a certain amount Fixed monthly conversation They will also benefit.

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