WhatsApp messaging app with a purpose Optimizing notifications on WhatsApp It is testing useful features and functionality in its beta version.

As you know, WhatsApp application is one of the popular messaging services these days. Recently, the creators and developers of this program Limitation of group members from 256 to 1024 people have increased

Although this feature helps in the growth and popularity of this app, it may be annoying for some people due to excessive notifications and notifications. Of course, a small number of large groups is better than a large number of small groups, but WhatsApp aims to reduce the inconvenience and convenience of users by default. It silences large groups will do.

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Optimizing notifications on WhatsApp

In groups with many members, regardless of whether you are an active person in the group or not, your phone will constantly receive a flood of countless messages and hence the sound or vibration of the phone will be annoying. Most people’s solution to this problem is to mute such groups manually. Now, to make this process easier, WhatsApp is testing a way to automate this process in its beta version.

Optimizing notifications on WhatsApp

According to the news website WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta version has a new feature that will automatically mute groups with more than 256 members by default.

Therefore, this feature is applied to any group with more than 256 members, and any group even with 257 members will automatically die. Of course, you can do it manually if you want Automatic group mute process cancel the

These positive and useful changes are currently only available in the beta version, but we expect them to be part of the stable version of WhatsApp soon. However, the messaging service has not specified any timetable for the release of this feature, and it has not even been confirmed whether the feature will be widely available.

In recent months, WhatsApp has added a new feature called Communities, with the help of which groups related to each other can be placed together in a special section. This feature can also help people and users in reducing notifications by focusing groups on a particular topic.

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