Contrary to expectations of investors leaving Crypto, statistics show that only 11% of investors have left the cryptocurrency market!

Once we know how many investors have left the cryptocurrency market, we can predict the future of the cryptocurrency industry, and based on CryptoQuant data, the cryptocurrency market is not as bad as some would expect.

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Investigating the behavior of cryptocurrency market investors

In order to determine the approximate percentage of investors who have left the cryptocurrency market, data such as the amount of investment in the largest cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be considered. At first glance, a large portion of investors seem to have left the market for better days due to the 70% drop in Bitcoin and Atrium.

It is incorrect to calculate the number of cryptocurrency market investors who have left the cryptocurrency space by comparing the working capital of bitcoin in different periods. CryptoQuant believes that comparing the amount of investment in stable coins will be a better indicator for determining market price trends.

Only 11% of investors have left the cryptocurrency market!

Currently, the value of stable coins has fallen by 11 percent. These data show that digital currencies have suffered less damage than most analysts and economists had predicted.

The sharp decline in the price of digital currencies is likely due to a lack of liquidity. When the prices of assets such as Bitcoin and Atrium fall, users convert their assets to Tetra.

Converting users’ assets to Tetra does not mean withdrawing capital from the market. In most cases, investors reinvest their capital in their popular digital currencies after market conditions return to normal.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not currently implemented. Bitcoin saw a decline in market power and a decline in volume between June 18 and June 26. At the time of writing, each BTC is trading at $ 19,380.

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