According to the latest published news, in the future Online content production with artificial intelligence is done Experts have warned about replacing writers with artificial intelligence.

According to the latest reports published by the European Law Enforcement Working Group Europol (Europol), this institution has warned that approx 90% of the content published online in virtual spaceBy 2026, they will be produced and published with artificial intelligence technology.

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In the continuation of the report of this working group, the important point is mentioned that because it is possible that the production of online content has been done with artificial intelligence, it is better not to believe every content you see in cyberspace.

This report confirms that the media will continue to work in the future Online content production with artificial intelligence They continue to operate content that is produced or manipulated by this technology. As a result, the audience and users of virtual space should be extremely careful about such content.

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Online content production with artificial intelligence

In the continuation of its report, this working group has pointed out the reason for users’ care in front of the content produced with artificial intelligence and announced that because some of the content produced with artificial intelligence is in the field of games and services related to improving the quality of life, the increase Media based on content production With artificial intelligence, it is likely to increase the spread of false information, which will affect the lives of people in society.

Can the publication of such warnings about artificial intelligence be a threat against some businesses related to the field of online content production? If the news that about 90% content production by 2026 with artificial intelligence is really true, what will be the task of authors and producers of online content?

Online content production with artificial intelligence

A number of experts are skeptical about the 90% figure in the report of the European law enforcement agency Europol and believe that although users are used to robots to a large extent, it is too much to believe the large 90% figure. It will be difficult.

Despite confirming the capabilities of artificial intelligence in producing content similar to the content produced by humans, these experts find it difficult to reach the 90% figure. They believe that if these statistics are to be believed, we should consider that almost all the content that is published in the virtual space will probably be produced by artificial intelligence and robots.

Currently, users of virtual space use the content available in the digital world Validation They put them for accuracy. Sometimes even the follow-up of users about the published content is more and they think about its truth and correctness. Now, if content production is done with artificial intelligence, it can question their authenticity and complicate the situation, according to some critics. However, the speed of development of the digital world has been shockingly fast, and perhaps it is better to be ready for big changes in this matter.

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