October 28, anniversary Opening of Meta Company Are. In this article with the most important Facebook achievements formerly You have known each other since last year.

It’s been more than a year since Facebook, the social media giant, announced its name at the Facebook Connect conference Meta Change is happening. The Facebook Connect conference was held on October 28, 2021.

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Former Facebook achievements

Changing the name of the Facebook company to Meta It reflects the company’s growing ambitions to enter the world of Web 3.0, cryptography, non-trivial tokens (NFT) and the virtual world of Metaverse.

Since its establishment, Meta Company has carried out extensive activities in the field of Metaverse. This company in December 2021, from Horizon Worlds virtual reality project unveiled Meta also increased the number of cryptocurrency ads on the Facebook platform.

The anniversary of the opening of Meta; get to know the achievements of the former Facebook!

In April 2022, reports suggest a possible launch Meta exclusive digital currency Released. According to these reports, Meta company plans to launch Zuck Bucks for internal use in Meta software. There have been no further updates on the project since then.

Meta Company in May, five trademark applications for one Digital payment processing platform registered This platform that Meta Pay It will support digital currencies.

Entry of the office suite to Metaverse

Other former Facebook activities include the possibility of posting digital collections on Facebook and Instagram. Meta announced in September 2022 that the platform’s 2.9 billion users will be able to post pictures of their digital collections and NFTs by linking their wallets to Instagram and Facebook. This feature is provided for more than 100 countries.

The former Facebook announced its cooperation with Microsoft on October 11. A wide range of Microsoft Office products will be brought to the Meta virtual reality (VR) platform.

The drop in Meta company’s stock

Meta’s ambitious actions have faced wide-ranging challenges. Last week, the CEO and founder of Altimeter Capital called Meta’s $10-15 billion annual investment in Metaverse as a risky move.

Meta’s Q3 2022 earnings report reinforces concerns about the company’s health. Meta’s share price is down about 23.6%. Reality Labs, Meta’s virtual reality research and development arm, posted a loss of $9.44 billion this year.

Many users will never forget Meta’s Eiffel Tower disaster. The company released an image of Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar in front of a virtual replica of the Eiffel Tower. The published image was mocked for its low quality and unattractive appearance.

Horizon Worlds meta platform

An Oct. 15 report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that the former Facebook has more than halved its user acquisition goal for Horizon Worlds.

Zuckerberg reacted to Meta’s Q3 2022 earnings report and noted: “Our Metaverse platform is still in its early stages. The Horizon Worlds platform is rapidly evolving; But we still have a long way to go to become what we dream of.”

Advancement of Meta in the field of Web 3.0

Meta company continues to advance in the field of Web 3.0 and other projects such as artificial intelligence despite many problems. Zuckerberg believes that Meta is on the right track.

Facebook ex recently from The latest virtual reality headset Self means Meta Quest Pro has unveiled Companies such as Microsoft and Reality Labs collaborated with Meta in making these headsets. Mark Zuckerberg said:

Our goal in launching the Quest Pro virtual reality headset is to allow more people to do their work in virtual and mixed reality in the next few years. Meta will focus heavily on the three areas of AI discovery, advertising, and business messaging platforms.

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