Observation of two galaxies by Hubble And the publication of those images has revealed new facts to us. These two galaxies are one billion light years away from Earth.

most recently Hubble Space Telescope He recorded and published images of two galaxies that are more than a billion light years away from Earth. As it is known and according to the distance of these galaxies, in this picture we see the state of these galaxies a billion years ago because the speed of light is limited and it does not spread instantaneously in the galaxy.

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Observation of two galaxies by Hubble

Usually in space, galaxies collide and are drawn along highways of dark matter towards the nodes of the galaxy cluster, where they flow towards a mutual galactic center. But how do you know that these two galaxies are not merging?

Observation of two galaxies by Hubble;  Are we alone in the world?

Hubble images show that these two galaxies and their surroundings are very clean and dust-free, while a collision would disturb their peace and leave a lot of dust and star clusters. Also, examining the distance and light of the two galaxies also shows that they are millions of light years apart.

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