The famous Oanda broker started its activity in the digital currency market. Oanda digital currency trading service is equipped with Paxos exchange trading platform.

OANDA brokerage partnership with Paxos The possibility of trading digital currencies provides for US-based investors. Transactions through itBit Paxos exchange It will take place on the Oanda mobile platform.

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Launch of Oanda digital currency trading service

New York-based trading service Oanda has recently unveiled a digital currency trading platform. This new platform was launched in partnership with Paxos Trust and is a blockchain infrastructure service provider.

From now on, American users can trade digital currencies in addition to their forex trading portfolio. According to the Oanda brokerage, investors will have access to itBit Paxos exchange services in the trading panel. Traders, in addition to fund trading accounts, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will also trade

Oanda digital currency trading service

Paxos, Oanda’s current partner, is a blockchain infrastructure provider that uses proprietary technology to tokenize, trade and settle assets. So far, Paxos has provided enterprise blockchain solutions for companies such as Paypal, Interactive Brokers, Meta, MasterCard, MercadoLibre, Nubank, Bank Of America, Credit Suisse, and Societe Generale.

Investors’ interest in digital currencies

Gavin Bambury, CEO of Oanda believes that Onda’s partnership with Paxos It will lead to the improvement of the company’s offerings in the field of cryptography. Jessica Bestead, director of Oanda, announced that the company’s decision to offer digital currency trading services was made due to the high demand of active traders on the platform.

The launch of cryptocurrency trading service Oanda is a sign that more market participants are seeking exposure to digital assets.

Oanda Brokerage was established in 1996. According to the claims of Avanda managers, this platform is the first platform that shares data related to exchange rates for free on the Internet. The web trading platform of this brokerage was also launched 5 years after the establishment of the company.

In recent years, many platforms offering trading services for foreign currencies and traditional assets have also added crypto services to their list of services. According to the news website Cointelegraph, Oanda cryptocurrency trading service has been launched to support the growing demand for cryptocurrency trading. Former forex brokers from Jeffries Financial Group have also launched a new cryptocurrency exchange for their institutional investors.

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