According to new rumors about the event ahead of Notting, the company intends to introduce Nothing ear 1 headphones at the same time as the Nothing 1 phone.

The new Nothing wireless headphones are scheduled to be released at the brand’s event on July 12 with relatively minor changes compared to the current model alongside the Nothing 1.

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Nothing ear headphones 1

Nothing After a long wait, some time ago officially from Date of introduction of Nothing phone 1 Discovered. It has now been revealed that another product is to be unveiled during the unveiling event of this smart device, which will be held on July 12, 2022, coinciding with July 21, 1401.

Sharma, a well-known revealer in the world of technology, recently released an image of the Nothing 1 wireless headphones, which is very similar to current models.

Nothing ear 1 headphones are introduced at the same time as Nothing 1

It seems that Nothing has decided to re-launch its new headphones with minor changes a year after the release of the ear (1). As can be seen from this image, N The Nothing ear (1) brand has been replaced on the main body with the Ear (1) Stick. They also have two dots at the bottom instead of one in the previous model.

But the case of the device seems to have a completely different design. There is no change in appearance other than this and for this reason we guess that the new headset is not much different from the current model. It may even be exactly the same as the current models only with a different case. In any case, all the details will be revealed on July 12.

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