Elliptic, a detective in the world of cryptocurrencies, believes that North Korea is the main suspect in the $ 100 million hacking of the Harmony platform. The robbery took place this month.

Elliptic, known as the detective of the blockchain world, recently attributed the $ 100 million theft of the Horizon cross-blockchain to North Korean hacker groups.

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$ 100 million hack of the Harmony platform

Elliptic believes the $ 100 million Harmony hack was carried out through a social engineering attack. The attack was blamed on the cyber group Lazarus, a notorious North Korean hacker group. The group usually operates in Asia-Pacific.

Rumors also suggest that the planned money laundering process for the stolen asset is currently underway by Tornado Cash Mixer. This blockchain detective was able to demix hacker transactions.

North Korea The main suspect in the $ 100 million hacking of the Harmony platform

North Korea also claimed responsibility for stealing Ronin’s $ 625 million platform. The Lazarus group also transferred the proceeds of the robbery using a Tornado mixer in a similar manner.

This month, the Harmony Protocol unveiled a $ 1 million reward for any information about the group. The platform has also stated that it will not file any complaints against the perpetrators if the stolen funds are returned.

North Korea, which has risked all-out US sanctions with its recent missile test, is likely to complain of a sharp decline in the cryptocurrency market these days, as stealing cryptocurrencies was one of the most important ways for hackers to fund its missile programs.

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