Not long ago, the ban on the import of phones above 600 dollars was officially announced, and now, the lack of currency allocation for the import of phones has caused problems for the import of phones under 600 dollars.

According to the secretary of the mobile phone, tablet and accessories importers association, if the government does not specify the currency of the phone import, the smartphone market will be inflamed from the end of August.

Daily price of phones in the Iranian market

This claim of Amir Ishaghi after announcing the news No currency allocation for importing phones above 600 dollars It is announced and it is emphasized that now even the import of mid-range and cheap phones in the range of 300 to 600 dollars is facing major challenges.

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The non-allocation of currency for the import of mobile phones inflames the market

Amir Eshaghi said about the latest situation of currency allocation for smartphone imports that no currency has been provided for the import of phones above 600 dollars and below 600 dollars, and we are still waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade!

Non-allocation of currency for the import of phones by the government;  No more cheap phones!

The Secretary of the Mobile, Tablet and Accessories Importers Association says that the process of allocating the currency of the phones that are entering the country these days has already been done and according to his claim, the stock of smartphones in the market will meet the public needs until the end of August.

Ishaghi adds that considering that there has been no foreign currency allocation for imports since June, the importers association is concerned about the regulation and supply of the market in the coming months, and he also said about the reason for the lack of currency allocation for mobile phone imports:

Our investigations show that the government is looking to optimize the foreign exchange resources of the country and they have not given us any other specific answer.

Referring to the market situation, Ishaghi says that the import of phones above 600 dollars these days is done significantly by travelers, and there is no significant import in this sector, and the market is basically not in the hands of official and legal importers. In the phone section below 600 dollars, we have stock only until the end of August. Mr. Ishaghi said in the end:

Currently, companies are in uncertainty and do not know what to do, and on the other hand, they are making losses.

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