The Nintendo Switch version of NieR Automata has already caught the breath of the fans. You may ask yourself why all this fuss?

Made by PlatinumGames action game masters, NieR Automata combines RPG and action gameplay with a compelling and thought-provoking story.

Mr. Ticket

The story revolves around Android 2B and 9S, which are on a mission to reclaim the land in the form of the machines they now inhabit. Along the way, they will discover the forgotten truths of humanity!

Writing a synopsis is really hard for NieR Automata; Because we do not want to reveal the story. Suffice it to say that director Yoko Taro is known for his savage and unconventional imagination; But it is not just the story that raises expectations; The gameplay is also constantly changing, from fast-paced third-person battles to intense shooting with inferno bullets and more.

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Nintendo Switch NieR Automata is available

The Nintendo Switch version of NieR Automata features the original game, with all the twists and turns, different endings, exciting battles and a sense of nihilistic wonder.

NieR Automata is a complete experience that includes the original game and its DLC. You can also download multiple items when the game is released. It also includes DLC content that offers three challenging Colosseums, with some amazing bosses for battle, and extra costumes inspired by NieR Replicant.

Nintendo Switch version of NieR Automata

And of course, with this new version, you can enjoy this award-winning masterpiece wherever you are. Discover the secrets of the post-apocalyptic world on the train! See the life form of machines that have taken on human life and enjoy the amazing images. You are never quite sure what to expect. This feature of the game makes this trip more memorable!

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