Scientists have recently been able to New method of cancer treatment discover This is a new revolutionary way for patients with this incurable disease.

in area cancer treatment There is no certainty and it is not possible to talk clearly about the definitive treatment of this disease, but recently Duke University scientists have presented research that indicates the treatment of cancer.

cancer treatment It depends on various factors in the individual, and with the development of science, new methods and techniques for treating this disease are discovered by researchers.

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New method of cancer treatment

In the new method that scientists have discovered, they try to create the least risk for patients. To treat this disease, scientists use materials called elastin polypeptides in the form of implants.

These substances have reacted against the most difficult conditions of cancer. Duke University researchers tested these substances on a laboratory mouse infected with cancer They have tested the pancreas and during this experiment they realized that a radioactive implant has the ability to destroy tumors in rodents.

New method of cancer treatment
New method of cancer treatment

Different ways to deal with Pancreatic cancer It has been discovered by scientists, but none of them alone have guaranteed the complete treatment of this disease.

Tumor cells are highly volatile and full of mutations that show resistance to drugs. pancreatic cancer, The third deadliest cancer in the world Approximately 3.2% of those who get cancer get this type of disease.

One of the different methods that scientists and specialists use to treat this disease is keeping tumor cells. These cells are vulnerable to radiation.

The use of this treatment method results in severe side effects for the patient. Using implants is a new method that Duke University scientists have discovered. These implants are placed directly inside the tumor, when these implants enter the body, they attack the tumor cells through the radioactive material inside the implants.

This method, which causes damage to the tissue around the tumor, has been effective in many laboratory cases and has been successful in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

For many years, a combination of different methods have been used to treat cancer, each of which in turn brings many risks and harms to the patient.

New method of cancer treatment
cancer treatment

The main researcher of this research is from Duke University in America, Jeff Shall, who used the method of replacing implants. In this research, synthetic chains of amino acids called elastin polypeptides are used.

Elastin polypeptides Together with a radioactive element called iodine-13, it is injected into the tumors of mice with pancreatic cancer. This method, like other ways of cancer treatment, is injected into the body with a combination of a common chemotherapy drug called paclitaxel.

This treatment method has given researchers the same and decisive answer to almost all tested cases. But it is still being tested on other dimensions of the body, and scientists are looking to test it on more different samples.

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