Today and within a short distance of each other, two news about new laws against hijab were published in some media. Based on this, women who wear hijab are denied banking services.

Today Seyyed Kamal Hadianfar, the police chief of Rahour Faraja, said that the information of violators wearing hijab who do not pay attention to the police’s verbal warning to observe Islamic affairs will be recorded in the monitoring system.

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New laws against obscenity

New laws against profanity;  Filing a court case and deprivation of banking services!

Rahor Faraja police chief said in a media interview today that the discussion of chastity and hijab is one of the most important issues of the society and said that this issue is the priority of Faraja’s actions.

He stated that there are currently 23 agencies in the country directly responsible for the issue of chastity and hijab, and said that all agencies should take serious action on this matter and play the appropriate role. The head of Faraja highway police stated:

A person breaks the law and is a norm-breaker or law-abiding person, at this time there is no other option but to look at him negatively; The majority of people are sensible and abide by the law.

He added:

If the view of 32 institutions is positive in the discussion of chastity and hijab, it is possible to see the effectiveness of the measures taken in the society by planning.

Head of the traffic police, Faraja, referring to the notification of dealing with the phenomenon of loose hijab and bad hijab, told the traffic police that if such an issue is seen on the roads and cities of the country, the violators will definitely be dealt with.

The head of Rahor Faraja Police stated that he has been notified to his law enforcement colleagues to deal with the law, ethics, politeness and decency or the violators in the field of driving.

In the first place, by using Islamic ethics, female drivers who are in violation of wearing hijab or loose hijab will be warned, and if the offender refuses to receive a verbal warning from the police, while applying the law for committing a violation; The information of the offending car will be registered in the monitoring system and our colleagues in the moral security police will deal with this issue.

He added that all the programs of the Rahour police in the field of chastity and hijab are to deal positively with the violators in this field so that the part of the society that is less cooperative in this field also obeys the rules so that the society does not reach hijab and disobedience. Hadianfar emphasized:

The traffic police does not have a legal provision or penalty code for not wearing a hijab, low hijab, or loose hijab, so if a person commits a traffic violation and my colleagues are confronted with the phenomenon of bad hijab after stopping the violator’s car, in the first place, they will be given a verbal warning. And the offender will be ordered to do good and prohibited from doing bad, and the issues related to his traffic violations will be investigated further.

New laws against profanity;  Filing a court case and deprivation of banking services!
New laws against obscenity

This official continued that if the violator does not pay attention to the verbal warnings, the violator will be introduced to the moral security police and legal action will be taken in this regard. Hadianfar added:

The monitoring system is at the disposal of all my colleagues across the country and the information of violators who do not pay attention to the verbal warning of the police to observe hijab will be recorded in this system and the system will send an SMS to the person and this SMS will lead to summoning the person to the police. Security will be moral.

He went on to say that for those who are warned with only one reminder, it is sufficient to obtain a written commitment; However, if a person insists on immodesty, a court case will be filed against the violator of immodesty, and even if necessary, the vehicle will be impounded.

Failure to provide banking services to the bad hijabs!

New laws against profanity;  Filing a court case and deprivation of banking services!

At the same time as Hadianfar’s statements; Elsewhere, in a media interview, the head of the central bank spoke about the institution’s plans to deal with misogynists, and what attracted more attention than anything else was the claim of not providing banking services to misogynists.

Salehabadi, the head of the central bank, also gave explanations about the directive of the Amr Be Marouf headquarters about providing services to people who have problems with hijab.

The head of the central bank said about the rumors related to the new laws against hijab, which it is said that the central bank announced in a circular to the banks not to provide banking services to hijabs.

No, there was no such thing. What the Council of Ministers has communicated to various institutions has also been communicated to the Central Bank. We have also communicated the same to the banks. But to say that they do not provide services, no such thing is definitely not true.

This is due to the fact that not long ago, the spokesperson of the country’s command for good and forbidding evil said that doing good in the field of hijab is a public duty; If a woman in hijab is present in a bank branch and no one notices her, naturally, bank managers and employees should be held accountable.

On the other hand, Mashhad prosecutor Mahavan has also emphasized that managers and heads of offices and banks are obliged to inform people who come to offices and banks without the religious hijab. Do not provide a service!

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