Thanks to a new laser pen developed by Chinese researchers, you can create your desired writings and designs in the air and physically touch them.

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It should be said that these days with the significant advancement of technology and technology, we are witnessing the development of devices and tools that can surprise those interested in the world of technology, and this new laser pen can be considered one of these tools. An amazing thing about the mentioned pen is that you can see its writings from any angle and even touch them.

In short, the method of displaying the writings is that the electrons in the air are separated from the air molecules using ultra-short pulses and then converted into light. It is likely that this technology will soon be used in the fields of brain imaging and quantum computing.

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New laser pen operation method

New laser pen

We must point out that the duration of stability of designs created by this technology is very short; In this way, the light created by the pulses of this pen will be stable for only a few femtoseconds, that is, one million billionth of a second.

In addition, the power required to display the created designs of this new laser pen will be about one million megawatts. It should be noted that the researchers and developers of this product believe that such a process does not consume much energy and is completely safe to use.

In the continuation of the reports, it was pointed out that the researchers used 3D scanning to arrange the pixels to create Chinese characters; But full explanations about how this process is not provided.

Mr. Cao Xiangdong pointed out that such technology was developed after decades of research and efforts by researchers, and thanks to this new laser pen, we can now create writings and designs in the air without using ink and paper.

Recently, the President of China Mr. Xi Jinping stated that such advanced technologies are very important; Because they lead to self-sufficiency in the field of science and technology of this country. It should also be noted that just a few weeks before the unveiling of the new laser pen made by the country’s researchers, Xi Jinping visited the laser companies based in Wuhan.

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